37th Golden Joystick Awards

By Sohrab Khan 19 Nov, 19

The much-awaited time for any gaming industry has arrived; The 37th Golden Joystick Awards. If you haven’t been able to watch the live stream, do not worry as I will provide you with the perfect dose of news, minus all the boring things such as studio tours (no offense to anyone, but we are in for the awards).

37th GJA

The awards began at 4 PM GMT, hence allowing us a peek into so many things going on in the gaming industry, and we got to see quite a few games walk away with awards they deserved thoroughly. 

Let me stop bickering on about how I was hoping for this or that, and dive straight into the awards. 

Best Story-Telling award
While this category had quite a lot to offer, in terms of nominations, one game stood above all. The competition included the likes of Control, Eliza, Metro Exodus and many more. But there could only be one winner. 

Winner: Days Gone
DG.jpg 305 KB

Best Multiplayer
Finally, Fortnite joins the audience as someone else claims the award. While there were many other competitors in line, one emerged victoriously:

Winner: Apex Legends
AL.jpg 357 KB

Best E-sport title
Okay, I think I may have spoken too soon here. 

Winner: Fortnite 
The writer of this post once loved the game until it decided to abandon its promise for launching “Save The World” as free.


Best Audio
I may not have covered this, but if you own a pair of good headsets like I do, you would know just how intense the world of audio can be. There were some truly fine contenders, but one stood out above all. 

Winner: Resident Evil 2

Studio Of The Year
Okay, there were quite a lot of studios, which honestly felt a little odd as most of these were never heard of before. Anyways, I am not a critic nor a part of the panel of judges. 

Winner: Epic Games
Epic games
Outstanding Contribution
Life Is Strange (that’s actually the name of the title, and a fact as well)


Rejoice PC gamers, the only worthy nomination that was in place, won the Golden Joystick. The rest did beg the question, Why PC gamers believe they have the best gaming hardware with games as childish as they seemed?

Winner: World Of Warcraft: Classic


For all the hype it created, for all the critics that bombarded it with negativity, the game managed to pull itself together and dominate the charts. 

Winner: Days Gone


This, too, was a bit of a disappointment for two reasons. Firstly, because I haven’t actually played this game, and secondly, the nominations felt terrible, except Ashen. 

Winner: Gears 5


Nintendo GOTY
Since I am not into Nintendo, but I genuinely respect a few games from the early ’90s, let me skip past the ruckus here. 

Winner: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate


Most Wanted Game 2019

The last of us, part 2, was up against Cyberpunk 2077. I will not count the others to be even close to being as big as these two goliaths. On the one hand, we have Ellie and Joel, and on the other, Keanu Reeves… Sure enough, the answer was obvious.

Winner: Cyberpunk 2077 (Mr. Wick, any day!)


Critics’ Choice Award

Winner: Control

I will not comment here. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the critics we are talking about. 


Lifetime Achievement

This segment made me break a tear. The CEO of Sega Dreamcast was on to explain why this gentleman deserved the title. I had a lot of fond memories of this console. Alas!

Winner: Yu Suzuki (The guy who brought us Shenmue)


And Finally… The Ultimate GOTY

There were so many candidates to pick from. This could have gone anywhere. These are the nominees. 

Outer Wilds

Telling Lies

Resident Evil 2

Gears 5

COD: Modern Warfare


Disco Elysium

Apex Legends

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Fire Emblem: Three Kingdoms

Untitled Goose Game

The Outer Worlds

Winner: Resident Evil 2


With Capcom bagging the biggest award of the night, this marked the end of the night. Let us know what you think of the winners. Do they deserve the accolades? I know, RE2 certainly deserves the spot. Till the next time!