A Zombie Mode Overhaul by Call of Duty

By IGN 19 Feb, 21

A new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War mode has been confirmed by Activision as Outbreak.


Along with a slew of other Season 2 announcements, Activision has shed light on what we can expect from this new CoD experience, referring to it as a “large-scale” multiplayer experience with new weapons, enemies, and more! And speaking of large-scale, Embracer Group, the owners of studios such as Gearbox Software, have announced a plan to archive all video games. This preservation effort already contains over 50,000 pieces and aims to conserve gaming history and culture. And finally, we take a look at a particularly off-the-wall moment from Tony Hawk’s Underground, presented by Pacifico.

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Call of Duty is Completely Changing Zombies - IGN Daily Fix