Apex Legends: Essential Tips and Tricks

By Ali Shirazi 06 Sep, 19

Image source: Forbes
Set in the world of Titanfall, Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale game built with squads in mind from the ground up. Three member squads faceoff on a map full of ziplines, bunkers and, awesomeness. 

Even with dozens of hours of playtime, there are plenty of gameplay mechanics you may not have discovered yet. So, here are a few useful tips that can help you become a dominant force in Kings Canyon. Most of these seem like common sense, but you might not think of them in the heat of the battle, unless you’ve read up on them before. 

 Choose the legend which fits your play style! 

Do you like to play defensive and stay back during a firefight or maybe rush at the enemy? Or you prefer to flank them and take them unawared? For example, Gibraltar’s aim down shield and air strike is perfect for hanging back, while mirage’s invisibility ultimate is perfect for rushing behind enemy lines. Pathfinder’s zipline and Wraith’s abilities are best for making quick escapes when you get overwhelmed. Play the legend which facilitates your play style. 

If you can’t communicate with your teammates, then ping! 

Apex Legends’ introduced a new ping system which allows you to communicate with you mates without having to speak. Coordination is paramount to winning games, whether it’s pinging good loot for your mates or pinging enemies. 

Have a good weapon load out! 

Now we know how tempting it is to get yourself both a R99 and R-301, or a Spitfire and a Longbow. But you have got to be prepared for both short and long-distance engagements. So, a short-range weapon paired with a long-range weapon would be a smarter choice then both long range or both short-range weapons. 

Smart Camping! 

Camping should be done at a logical time, for example, when there’s only three squads left, so your squad waits for the other two to start fighting and when one wins, you swoop in and finish them off, when they haven’t had time to heal. 

Smart Loot! 

Don’t just stuff everything you find in the already small backpack you have. You should have at least 4 syringes and shield cells at all times. If you’re using RE-45 or R99 which have high fire rates, you’ll be needed a lot of light ammo. But a gun like Hemlock won’t require as much heavy ammo. 

Keep an eye on your Glide Speed! 

If you have trouble landing too slow, then keep an eye on your glide speed. You should maintain it at least 130 if you’re landing somewhere a bit far but not too far away. 

Play Smart! 

Whether you’re attacking or defending, try to outsmart your opponents. Try to flank them, while your squad distracts them. Call in an airstrike and wait for them inside buildings.  If its 1v3, then don’t panic, try to pick them off one at a time, and run as soon as you knock down one of them. Don’t finish knocked down enemies at once, you can use them to lure the rest of the enemy team, and kill them when they come and try to revive.
Seek out fights. It may be a bit intimidating with all the pros out there but it’s the only way to learn. If you really want to learn how to get better, then there is no better teacher than experience. If you camp most of the game, you may survive a longer time but you’re not going to get any better than you already are.

Good luck!

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