Arslan Ash named ESports Best Player of 2019!

By Sairam Hussain Miran 24 Dec, 19

Arslan Siddique, more commonly known as Arslan ‘Ash’, has made history once again by managing to convert all his awards into something more symbolic: being officially crowned the best of 2019. The Tekken King has been voted the E-Sports Player of the Year with 60.1% votes cast for him out of a total of 8,036 votes.

Arslan Ash

This win added to his already impressive ‘Best Moment’ award a day earlier, which he won with 42.7% votes. Voters crowned Arslan winning EVO and Japan EVO 2019 even after facing several travel issues, as the best E-sports moment in 2019. This poll was conducted by ESPN E-sports and signified a heroic end to Arslan’s impeccable year.

While publishing the stellar win, ESPN described it by explaining, “After barely competing internationally in 2018, Arslan Ash won Tekken 7 at the Evolution Championship Series: Japan 2019 in January and also won the Evolution Championship Series 2019 in August.”

The reason behind the gaming fraternity rejoicing over Arslan’s win largely lies in his inspiring story. He fought odds stacked against him to get where he is today and thrived under conditions that many would give up in. 

Around the time when he was just starting to make his name known in the local gaming scene, his father passed aw,,ay and his mother and two elder brothers were tasked with running the house. His strong mother worked as a tailor and a painter during this time.

Moreover, Arslan faced massive travel obstacles several times when appearing for international tournaments. He had to switch five flights in two days to barely get to Japan EVO in the tie, and missed the first round of World Showdown of E-sports (WSOE) 2019 as well. Nevertheless, he managed to win Japan EVO and USA EVO which was one week after WSOE.

Evo 2019

However, before getting international wins, he faced resistance in pursuing gaming because of how it became a hurdle to his studies. Eventually, Ash did the hard work, and fortunately has now emerged as the undisputed champion by beating ‘Knee’ four times, who was considered the best Tekken player before Arslan dethroned him.

Arslan’s story is one of not giving up on dreams. He has proven to be an inspiration for all young Pakistani gamers, and we hope he continues to reach unparalleled heights. Congratulations Arslan!