Behold! The PlayStation 5!

By Sohrab Khan 11 Jun, 20

Finally, after all this time and countless events later, the biggest surprise by a country mile was revealed. Sony has done it again and proven itself just how incredibly tight-lipped they remained throughout all the speculations and rumors regarding the PS5. 


It was not long ago where we came across a black colored box (A developer’s kit) and I thought to myself “If that’s PS5, I am saying goodbye.” A gaming console is not just about how it functions, but a major part of what makes it so desirable is the design and ergonomics. We already came across the PS5 Dual-sense controller. It seemed legit, and frankly, I was sold right away. But what about the console itself? 

We then went through a rather monotonous developers briefing where the technical aspects of the PS5 were revealed. None of that made any sense to me at all. I am not interested in what it can do, that part I wish to find out on my own. I wanted to see what they designed, and finally, about 10 minutes ago, my wait came to an end.

If you missed The Future of Gaming live stream, it showcased all the top games in development and lined up for the PS5. You will be hearing from us on these games as we go along, but let me tell you, there are plenty of reasons why you should remain a PS Loyal. 

It was during these games that some mysterious transitions were being played. The Cross, Square, Circle and Triangle coming over, sinking in and the entire transitions followed where the previous one left. They started making something. I knew something was up. It was only after the second last transition showed they were making a PS5 logo where I knew that the world was in for a treat.

Lo and Behold!!! The world got to say hello to the PS5. If you followed my previous post, I predicted a few things, and holy cow, I was right!

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PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

The new PS5 console is all white and blue, to match the controller’s color scheme. It looks futuristic, elegant and would turn heads with its swooping curves and elegant design. However, this being Sony, a shocker was expected. They then showed they are releasing two versions of the PS5 on launch. The PS5 and the PS5 digital (which I am guessing only lets you play digital versions as this one does not contain a BD Drive). Whatever it may be, the console has been revealed and now we know exactly what the future of gaming would look like. 

I am thrilled, but my honest opinion would be to stick with the PS5 and enjoy the best of both worlds. The price? Well, that is yet to be disclosed! What do you think about the new PS5? Excited? Let us know in the comment below.