Borderlands 3: Pandora Awaits yet Again

By Sohrab Khan 10 Sep, 19

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Ah yes! Pandora. That sweet, massive, crazy and absolutely stunning land of various terrains. How the sweet smell of blazing guns, burning rubber, and burning crazies take us back to the Borderlands saga. This series, unlike most I have played, was one that I got hooked to rather quick. The incredibly vast open world, the witty comebacks by foes and friends and, not to forget, our very own Claptrap; the bot that can’t keep its mouth shut. Pretty sure he’d say he would if had one, to begin with. 

The world of Borderlands has attracted players from across the globe into this “space western fantasy land” where you can take on the massive challenges single-handedly or invite three more players to take the challenges head-on as a four-member squad. The fun just doesn’t go out. Also, now, we all get to relive those familiar moments yet again in the new and eagerly anticipated Borderlands 3. 

Releasing on the 13th September 2019, you can grab your copy on PS4, XBOX One, PC and… wait for it… Google Stadia! You read that absolutely correct! This is one of the few games we know of, which are all set to arrive on the revolutionary new console by Google. 

Well, since the introduction is out of the way, let us dive into the game here a bit and remind everyone why we have grown to love this hilarious game series so much. 

I will not bother you with the story, and it is best if you set out on a quest to learn that on your own. Skipping that, let us get straight to the business end: the whacky gameplay!
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From the get-go, you get to choose the kind of a hero you would like to play as. While each of them has their perks like the Siren, who can rely on ethereal powers, the assassin who is sublime for long-range shooting, you can start with one and develop the character with XP. 

Using the experience points, you gather; you can upgrade your style and it’s abilities in the battlefield. Use special powers to gain the upper hand when you are surrounded by crazies and gunners. You have this insane customization when it comes to the appearance. Most of the online characters I have met have been unique in their own way. Then you have the SHIFT codes which the game developers share on social media. These grant you access to golden keys which you can use to unlocked superior weaponry. 

Mind you, do not rush to unlock these crates of awesomeness just yet. Level up and then do so as the rewards will be far greater. This has been the case throughout the series and I see no reason why this should be changed for the next installation. 

What we do intend to see are the new additions to the gameplay. How they affect your battling skills and how you can use the environment to create destruction at will, a question we will only be able to answer once the game is out. 

So far, the testing phase has been carried out, and the game has managed to garner exceptional reviews. Averaging an 8.5 out of 10, the game is poised to make a comeback in style and leave us with over hundreds of hours of pure fun, mayhem, claptrap and more.

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Borderlands 3 - Official Cinematic Launch Trailer

What do you expect to see in the new installment which the previous games failed to deliver? Do let us know in the comments below!