"Call of Duty: Mobile" Continues to Improve

By Sairam Hussain Miran 23 Nov, 19

In a Reddit post that was made a late-night on 21st November 2019, Activision finally succumbed to the demands of its user base and gave them what they wished for. The grayed-out button that players ever so frequently yearned for will now finally be available to them.
Image source: AndroidPolice

The post announced an update to the COD Mobile Franchise that gives players access to new maps and a battle pass, but more importantly, it finally enabled Zombies Mode and Controller Support

Release times were also announced on Reddit. The post reads: 

“Greetings everyone,

We are excited to be so close to the release of this massive update, which not only contains the long-awaited zombies mode but a large amount of other content, like new maps, controller support, a new Battle Pass (releases later on November 25th), and more. We'll be sharing many details about all of that tomorrow, but here are the release times for the update in case you can't see it above (from left to right):

Los Angeles: Nov 22 - 21:00 PST

New York: Nov 23 - 00:00 EST

Sao Paulo: Nov 23 - 2:00 BRT

London: Nov 23- 5:00 GMT

Stockholm: Nov 23 - 6:00 CET

Berlin: Nov 23 - 6:00 CET

Moscow: Nov 23 - 8:00 MSK

New Delhi: Nov 23 - 10:30 IST

Sydney: Nov 23 - 16:00 AEDT

Tokyo: Nov 23 - 14:00 JST”

In a rather eventful October for Activision, Call of Duty finally became available to hand-held mobile users when it launched to all major App Stores on 1st October, only 25 days apart from their long-awaited Call of Duty Modern Warfare release. 

To Activision’s delight, the October release also turned out to extremely successful and well-received. COD Mobile quickly became the largest ever mobile game launch when it garnered over 100 million downloads in the first week. 

Moreover, this update brings some very significant and positive changes to the game that will possibly help it grow to unprecedented levels. The only criticism the game received revolved around control issues and lack of controller support. IGN’s review read: “Using a touch screen to control a shooter will never be on par with a controller, much less a keyboard and mouse, and you simply cannot avoid that. Aside from the inherent relative lack of speed and precision, you’re also covering up part of the screen with your fingers.”

Now that these apprehensions have been engaged with by introducing controller support, the game is likely to see a boost in retaining old consumers and bringing onboard new ones.
Image source: GameRevolution

However, the fact that controllers are still required for gamers to enjoy a mobile game fully may not be a positive indicator for the gaming industry. This triggers the question: will mobile gaming ever truly become a practical alternative to console or PC Gaming?