Call of Duty: Mobile – The new mobile gaming sensation

By Wajeeh Uddin 18 Oct, 19

The Call of Duty mobile has been available for download to users since October 1st, and since then the game has hit new records of popularity and has really given its contemporaries reasons to worry.

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The game has almost been downloaded over 20 million times in the first three days of its release with the most downloads coming from the sub-continent region whereas the United States of America is second on the list for the total number of downloads. 

If we talk about the total number of downloads in the first week of release Call of Duty Mobile has been the most successful mobile game launched in its category. It has generated around 100 million downloads while PUBG mobile had around 28 Million downloads in its first week and Fortnite had around 22.5 million downloads (only in-app store) in its first week.

The game is free to play and requires an internet connection. The game is size is about 1.5 GB which is a lot and requires a reasonable amount of RAM for smooth gameplay experience. The Call of Duty Mobile has multiplayer features whereas there is also a Battle Royale feature which is weirdly more fun than the other features. Furthermore, Call of Duty Mobile includes; 100 player battle Royale battleground, a fast 5v5 team deathmatch, sniper vs sniper battles, and scary zombies in action fight. Despite the fact that many games on both IOS and Android now support Bluetooth controllers to be used for the game, the Call of Duty Mobile doesn’t offer that feature which is very strange as they can easily integrate that feature in the app and allow users to have better experience and more control over their sniping and shooting skills.
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With a 4.3/5 rating on the app store, Activision’s free to play game is really doing great. A lot of mobile game enthusiast has redirected their interest into the game and competition is getting intense out there.

Now if we talk in terms of the monetary value and competition of the game then we can surely say that Call of Duty Mobile is giving a run for their money to all its rival games. Call of Duty Mobileoutshone rivals Fortnite and PUBG Mobile for first-week gross revenue.

During its first seven days in beta, Epic Games’ battle royale made around $2.3 million from the App Store alone. PUBG Mobile did not start monetizing until two months after launch and was only able to generate just under $600,000 in the first week of adding spending options.

The game overall is very smooth if you have a good mobile. The game is not supported by oldphones with slightly less CPU power, mobile phones such as iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6 plus are not supported by Call of Duty Mobile, so you better upgrade your phone if you are interested toexperience the most hyped up Call of Duty game currently out there.

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The game also offers an exciting feature of customizing a few things. You can customize your unique loadout. As you continue to play and progress along with the game you will be able to unlock famous characters, earn outfits and weaponry. A score-streak will be maintained on your name and you might also get pieces of gear to upgrade your weaponry and loadout. Call of Duty also offers customizable controls, voice, and text chat features.

The verdict is that if you love shooting games to play on your mobile then definitely Call of Duty Mobile is a must-play game. With so much hype out there, everyone needs to step into the battleground and have an experience of their own or else, you’re just missing out pal.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Review