COD MW Alpha: How the 2v2 is Simple but Still Addictive

By Rafay Faheem 03 Sep, 19

Image source: Playstation

Call of Duty Modern Warfare got its first-ever open play-through in the form of a PS4-exclusive Alpha that just concluded yesterday as the weekend ended. The open alpha that was available to everybody who has a PS4 or a PS4 Pro (No PS Plus was required to play it) featured the brand new 2v2 multiplayer mode that is being added to this year’s entry and it featured 5 maps. The Alpha ran from 23rd August to the 25th and the developers have commented on how it provided extremely valuable feedback to them on how they can improve the backend before the official release of the game in October.

Gunfight: The new mode

The brand new 2v2 mode that was showcased in the Alpha, Gunfight, is a round-based mode where both the teams go head-to-head to eliminate each other. The first team to win 6 rounds win the match, and each round gives you a capture-the-point objective if none of the teams are eliminated even after 40 seconds. The five maps that were available in the alpha were all small three-lane playgrounds and they gave a really good sense of how Infinity Ward wants the players to experience Gunfight. Fast-paced action is the way to go with short, concise and fun rounds.  Although the highlights were the three signature maps that were available on the first day, Infinity Ward released two more the following day: Stack and Docks. Probably the best part about Gunfight is that both teams have the same load-out every round with a mix-and-match of attachments which really give you a sense for how each gun works (but we’ll come to the gun mechanics later) and feels. “Speedfall” is a firing range with broken cards and stacked up tires, “The Pine” is an outdoor forest-type location that gives off that classic Ghillie-suit vibe, and “King” is an indoor warehouse that heavily takes inspiration from the 2007 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s infamous Killhouse map. All in all, the mode seems is leading up to be a great addition to the multiplayer Call of Duty experience.

The Gunplay

The second thing that Gunfight shows off the best are the guns and how amazingly satisfying they feel. Every bullet round feels heavy and weighty when you fire the GS (CoD’s brand new Deagle) and the recoil on the MP7 will definitely let you know the immense fire-rate that the small SMG boasts. Every time I used any of the ARs (which there weren’t a lot of) I felt myself getting the old-school CoD 4 gun mechanics vibe because it definitely wasn’t what Black Ops 4 felt like. The shift back to “boots on the ground” action has this going for Infinity Ward as they can realistically portray gun recoil and this allows for gunplay that is borderline addicting! Every kill feels satisfying and the brilliant Killcam slow-mos that the franchise is famous for only adds to awesome-ness.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 2v2 PS4 Gameplay - PlayStation Underground

When’s the Beta coming?

If you missed out on the chance to play the Alpha or if you did play it (and got hooked as I did) and want more, then the dates for the next open (closed for some platforms) beta dates are as follows: 

•      September 19th to September 20th: Early Access on Xbox One, and PC. Open Beta on PS4
•      September 21st to September 23rd: Open Beta on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Be sure to check back for more news on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as soon as it’s available!