Death Stranding: Here's how Twitter is reacting

By Sairam Hussain Miran 16 Nov, 19

Although people were largely optimistic about Death Stranding, it still holds true that the game was a massive test for Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions after their withdrawal from Konami in 2015.
Image source: Vamers

Set in the United States that is struggling forward after a catastrophe, Death Stranding is one of the most ambitious game stories ever developed. In the aftermath of an apocalyptic event called “The Death Stranding,” players, as Sam Bridge, are stuck extraterrestrial fighting enemies called BTs (Breached things) and MULES. 

In a project as ambitious as this, gamers have been waiting to play one of Hideo Kojima’s masterpieces ever since E3 2016, when he first appeared on the big stage after the Konami split, immediately causing the crowd to erupt in his support.

Therefore, it is only fair for one to look at how the game was received in the market by avid, eager gamers and critics who finally got to play it in early November 2019. 

The general response from critics has been fairly positive, but not without matters of concern. Death Stranding has been given its deserved share of praise for its niche concept and attractiveness. The graphics, voice acting and particularly the intriguing setting have also been widely acclaimed and acknowledged by users.

(users appreciate death stranding actor’s performance)

(caption: Kojima did not forget to implement infrastructural development in an apocalypse!)

However, there have been criticisms based on the game’s ambiguity on concepts, slight gameplay pet peeves, and how the 60+ hour game becomes frustrating at times. Oil Welsh at The Eurogamer described it as such, "Seldom has a game worked so hard to explain itself only to fail, The actors spend most of their time valiantly wading through a tar pit of exposition that somehow does little to advance your understanding or flesh out their strikingly designed characters.” This indicates how the game is unnecessarily stretched out at some stages, and how some cut scenes do not contribute to the game.

(a bit too realistic for a fiction based video game?)

Interestingly enough, no reviewer, critic, or customer is giving one single opinion on Death Stranding. The majority view is that although there are stints of utter brilliance in the game that would leave one in awe, there is still room for improvement in an idea so unique and fresh. 

Dan Dawkin from The Guardian gave a 4/5 star rating, "Think 2001, The Road, The Leftovers, Silent Hill, and Planet Earth reinterpreted as three days of UPS contract work. Death Stranding pulverizes the player with its overwhelming scale, seemingly unending objectives and fastidious resource management. Yet, despite everything, the game somehow pulls you through, creating a cycle of punishment and reward in a technically brilliant blockbuster experience quite unlike anything that has come before."

(USP jokes flood in as the game revolves largely around cargo delivery) 

To condense all receptions of the game in one oxymoron, Andrew Webster of The Verge describes his journey playing Death Stranding as “breathtaking and boring.” 

So, should you go get Death Stranding? Yes, because you want to be a party to first of many masterpieces produced by Hideo Kojima, and its flaws are worth enjoying if you have the time and patience to resist the temptation to ‘know everything there is to know.’ 

Ambiguous? Perhaps. Worth it? Definitely.