Destiny 2: New Light - A carefully polished free-to-play experience

By Rafay Faheem 26 Oct, 19

There’s never been a better time to start playing Destiny 2 than now, especially since it went free-to-play on October 1st. Destiny 2: New Light is free for all players and that includes all of the year one content, including some other features that were initially released only for Forsaken DLC owners (the Forge) but are now available for everybody to experience. With all of the content being free, jumping into the game right now is guaranteed to be a great time!

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The Quest for Loot - and Armor 2.0

With the arrival of Shadowkeep (the latest paid expansion), Bungie has changed the way armor works in Destiny 2.0. In New Light, you can customize your armor in a lot of different ways including armor mods and even ways to improve base stats. There’s also a cosmetic approach as to how you can customize your armor sets without having to play with a lower-level set. The “transmog” effect can let you upgrade your pretty armor sets to a higher light-level by dismantling the desired armor for upgradation. Apart from this, you can further upgrade every piece of armor to a max level of 10 that will improve base stats for that piece of armor. When an armor piece is maxed out - it will give you the full 10 energy budget for mods AND it’ll give it the “Masterworked” attribute which in turn gives +2 to all stats. Although there are some limitations that come with mods as in you cannot slot any mod into any armor piece.

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All Year 1 content goes free - No pay-wall

With the release of Shadowkeep (and Forsaken still being a paid expansion), one would think that the free player base would still be separated from people who have the expansions but Bungie has gone out and said that there will absolutely be no separation at all as every single player (regardless of what content they own) will be able to complete available activities with their friends. The leveling system that was tied down to XP has been completely ditched for the light-level after Shadowkeep and everyone has been automatically powered up to 750 base level. The requirements for pre-New Light endgame activities have been ditched and now newer players can jump right into endgame content like the Leviathan Raid, although it would be advisable for them to get some better weapons first. This also means that Destiny veterans can help out their new friends by teaming up with them on Raids and Strikes. This is monumental for the game as it opens up a lot of possibilities for having fun with friends regardless of what DLC they have or what level they are.

Getting Started

If you haven’t already played Destiny 2: New Light you can download it for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One without having to worry about seasons or esoteric gear mod systems at all. With the revamped starter tutorial in New Light, it’s as easy to pick up the game and play as it was for the people that started playing it on launch. For more on everything Destiny 2, be sure to check back regularly for news!

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How Does Free-To-Play Change Destiny 2?