Everything we know about Halo Infinite from the Xbox Series X Games Showcase

By Rafay Faheem 26 Jul, 20

Halo Infinite is the name of the 6th mainline entry in the series, and we got 8 whole minutes of gameplay from the Xbox Series X Games Showcase that was live-streamed on Friday. Here is everything that we got from the gameplay reveal.

Halo Infinite, as Microsoft touted, is a spiritual reboot of the original 2001 game that started it all. This wasn’t hard to see as the opening was a reminiscence of the Combat Evolved the first level. The gameplay showcased a healthy amount of gunplay as well as vehicle warfare. All the footage shown was early gameplay of the single-player story campaign, nothing regarding the multiplayer was revealed.

The Visuals


In terms of the graphics, Microsoft has consistently advertised their next-gen consoles to be the pinnacle of console gaming in terms of power and performance. And fans weren’t happy when they got to see the lacklustre visuals of the Halo Infinite gameplay. In all honesty, the graphics do remind us of the early days of Halo but the textures seemed a bit too bland for a game that is being marketed as a showcase for the power of Microsoft’s next-generation console.

The Gunplay


The guns in Halo were always a strong point for the franchise. And this gameplay trailer did not disappoint in that sector. There were a variety of guns showcased in the short 8-minute reveal and they ranged from fully-automatic blaster rifles to deadly one-shot shotguns. There was also a new grappling hook that could be used to melee nearby enemies but to also traverse the environment with. A “Drop Wall” shield was shown that could be deployed in front of yourself to protect yourself from incoming fire. All of this combined is sure to give the combat a flexible and fun feel overall.

Release Date?

As of yet, the only time frame that is given to us is the Holiday 2020 mark. We did not get a definitive release date at the moment but Phil Spencer assured us that they will be continuously giving us updates (for more unreleased games as well) throughout the year as the Xbox Series X release gets closer. Stay tuned to find out more about everything Halo Infinite.