Everything we know so far about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro

By Rafay Faheem 12 Mar, 21

It has been 4 years now since Nintendo released the Switch and it has been a long time since the home-console/portable hybrid initially hit markets globally. Since then, we’ve gotten a ton of exclusives for the platform and even a Switch Lite! But where does Nintendo go from here? There have been several rumors and leaks that an “upgraded” version of the Switch is coming and here’s everything we know about this “Switch Pro” so far.


What’s the upgrade? Let’s talk specs

Since these details are leaks and not confirmed officially from any warranted sources, we will take them with a grain of salt as we discuss them. A few leaks suggest that the Switch Pro will come with a shiny OLED display (which will be a huge upgrade from the 720p LCD that the current Switch lineup has) and supposedly a bigger overall screen size to body ratio as well. An improved chipset that can render games at upscaled 4K, NVIDIA’s brand new DLSS technology, and a 64GB SSD are all part of the rumor mill. Some of these upgrades are expected because the next-generation of consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X are dominating the home-console market and Nintendo will likely be competing with them directly for market share, which means that we can expect some of those specs to be likely on the final product that will be revealed. There have also been rumors that a dual-screen design might be on the way which isn’t too hard to believe considering Nintendo’s success with the DS/3DS.


There have been no leaks/rumors about the pricing of the new console but we can use the previous iterations of the Switch to predict what range we can expect the Switch Pro to be in. We can reasonably say that a minimum of $349 is to be expected since the original Switch still costs $299, and it can even push up to $399 if we’re being realistic. The console will directly compete with Microsoft and Sony’s brand new iterations of home consoles so the price tag will accurately reflect that position.

When’s it coming out? Release Date!

A few leaks coming out of Taipei state that Nintendo is trying to push out a 2021 release, although there were multiple rumors floating around that the console could drop in early 2022. We can still expect the console to drop sometime in late 2021 considering the year has only started and Nintendo has plenty of time to drop some announcements and eventually a release date for the current year. These trends are accurate with the previous Switch releases as well but we will have to wait for an official announcement before we can ever be sure. To find out more on everything new about the Switch Pro, stay tuned to GameList!