First look at the Next-Gen XBOX

By Wajeeh Uddin 14 Dec, 19

During the Game Awards on December 12, 2019, Microsoft dropped the bomb on its customers with the launch trailer for the new Xbox, the trailer included videos of Forza, FIFA and Halo and also disclosed that the previously adapted name of Project Scarlet for Xbox is now being called the Xbox Series X. The name “Series X” also suggests that there will be multiple levels of launches for the Xbox, similar to the previous Xbox One and Xbox One S.
Image source: Xbox

Some features in the design have taken many fans by shock; the Xbox Series X console has a PC like look. YES, you read it right. As you can see from the image the console is basically like a CPU or a vertical tower, having vertical Disc entrance and front-facing USB slot as well. Furthermore, it also includes a large heating vent to combat with heating issues in the console for fans who enjoy long spells of gaming their favorite games on the Xbox.

About the vertical tower design for the console, I see many fans out there buying new gaming tables or changing the location of the console when they will be opting for the Xbox X series console because the ancestor console to this was all cuboid like flat designs which need more horizontal room and not the vertical one, this might create a little hindrance for many people who will be opting to buy this console coming in Holiday 2020.
Image source: Business Insider

If we talk about any advances in the design of the controller, well, there aren’t many. We can mention that it has a better d-pad now and also features a share button.

Phil Spencer , Head of Xbox, said, “ The Xbox series X will be our fastest, most powerful console ever and will set a new bar for performance, speed and compatibility. “ 

So this hints further or, moreover, confirms Microsoft’s aim to develop its new console having complete backward capability allowing its fans to play their previously loved games on the latest console. Hence it means the Xbox X series will confirm with a full of the game library. Whereas all the Xbox 1S accessories will be compatible with the Series X.

Furthermore, Phil Spencer took a dig on Sony PS5, stating for the Xbox Series X that “ SSD will virtually eliminate load times and bring players into their gaming world faster than ever before. “ This was an indirect response to Sony PS5 since they recently registered a patent for their console, which, as they say, will eliminate the loading time entirely from the games.
Image source: Xbox

If we talk about the gaming display and graphic features, the Xbox Series X will have 4K display and can have 60-120 FPS added with 8K display too and hardware-accelerated Ray tracing. This means a twice as more powerfull current Xbox 1S display.

The 15 Xbox game studios are also said to be busy developing the largest and most diverse line up of new exclusive games for the Xbox Series X, as stated by Head of Xbox.

If we talk about some GEEKY  stuff now, the Auto Low Latency Mode and the Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) feature is supposed to make the Xbox X series the most responsive console ever. This would enhance the experience by many folds that the players experience currently using the X Cloud. 

For now, we don’t have a price to the Xbox Series X and we would know better at E3 next year but for now, this is pretty much it, new technology pushes the gaming world to new boundaries and in a simple way everyone wins because the level of gaming all across the globe reaches new standards.

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Xbox Series X - World Premiere - 4K Trailer