GodFall - First PS5 game announced

By Sairam Hussain Miran 17 Dec, 19

At The Game Awards held on Friday the 13th  of December, Counterplay Games left all viewers stunned and in awe when it announced and showed off a Nex-Gen Title for PS5 in the form of Godfall, which is set to come out close to Holiday 2020.

The official reveal trailer is out, and it has certainly set the bar high for any future PS5 game announcements. The trailer has been intelligently made to ensure not to give out too much context too soon. Hence it cleverly strikes a balance between creating hype but also keeps gamers in suspense. There are glimpses of the characters involved in the game, and a dramatic action sequence has been shown, which was followed by an attention-grabbing dialogue between the characters.

All characters are seen in extravagant metal armor as bodies, and one of them gives the first hint about the storyline by claiming, “A thousand-year war, just to start an apocalypse.” 

Godfall has been described by Counterplay as, “A loot-driven action RPG with third-person real-time melee combat. It’s a Looter-Slasher played better together with friends.”  This, coupled with the theatrics of the trailer, give a rough idea about the framework of the game. To a typical eye, it does seem like a God of War and Destiny crossover! Interestingly enough, Counterplay has worked on both God of War and Destiny 2 in the past.

Cinematic snap

Counterplay is also quoted on their website saying, “Drawing upon brand-new high fantasy IP written by Hugo Nebula award winners, Godfall is developed in Unreal Engine 4 for exclusive release on PC and next-gen consoles.”

The game promises intensive combat, loot strategies, and exciting multiplayer by promising one, two or three co-op players. However, not much else can be said from the limited information in the trailer.

Interestingly, the trailer explicitly mentions PS5 and PC are the only two platforms on which this game will be available. Will Godfall transform into another classic Playstation exclusive, or will it be available on Xbox X on a later date too?

<iframe width="480" height="270" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/7HhUpLqHyv4?feature=oembed" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Godfall - Reveal Trailer

As said in the trailer, all one can say about Godfall is that it is “Beautiful, deadly and right in our way.”

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