Here’s what we think of The Last of Us 2 (spoiler-free)

By Wajeeh Uddin 24 Jun, 20

The Last of us was recently released worldwide on June 19, 2020 and it took the world by a storm of sales many which were digital copies due to the COVID 19 outbreak. The hype was unreal as many credible sources had listed the game with outstanding reviews. Critics like IGN gave it 10/10 and Metacritic gave it a metascore of 95/100 which is pretty cool. All this further establishes the fact that it’s a sequel which was worth waiting for and definitely worth the money to buy it firsthand. The Last of Us was originally released in 2013 and the story revolved around Joel and Ellie as they deal with a virus outbreak converting the whole human civilization into mindless man hunting zombie-like monsters. The setting of The last of Us 2 is similar to the first part and the game begins from where the part one had ended. For those who didn’t play Last of Us should not spoil it for themselves by playing part 2 first due to all the limelight, it is under. 


The game may give many of you a balanced experience even under the normal difficulty mode as the gameplay has taken a massive jump from its predecessor. 

 The game can be classified into two parts, first half which will give you many questions and what if thoughts and the second half will give you answers to many of these questions (if not all) if you don’t roam around much. The game is also reported to have a touch of addressing the LGBTQ topic which is a nice touch given that it will raise the issue and create awareness or a little room for the conversation to address the matter among the masses and into societies where this is a matter of life and death. The game also has some different sideline characters and better graphics and key functions can also be anticipated for the game. Ellie will definitely be a little bit into an adult side of her life whereas our hero Joel would have more white than black hair strands.


Furthermore, if we talk about the game length then the game is said to be 23 – 40 hours long which does make it a constant sit for many gamers but those who played Last of Us would know that the game is worth it and the desire to get answers to the questions in the previous part is certainly a motivating factor. Most people have reported saying that they felt oddly satisfied with the game ending as they weren’t exactly happy about it but really could just accept the answers they got playing through the game. Well to know more on this matter we would have to play the game to know better.

Another issue that many players worldwide reported that the Last of Us 2 really brought their PlayStation system on its ragged edge. The consoles were reportedly overheating a lot and the console fans started making loud noises due to extra load on the system. Now mind it that The Last of Us 2 is a Sony PS4 exclusive and was completely designed for this system yet however players with even PS4 Pro and PS4 simultaneously reported overheating issues to a point that the system even tripped for a few people and the game continuously had lagging in graphics coordination. All this emphasizes on the fact that the games being developed are of extreme specs now and this is the right time for the PS5 to make its arrival as very truly the PS4 is set to retire and can’t handle the pressure with as much ease as it used to.

None the less The Last of Us 2 is out there making its hype and rightly so, we can’t wait to play it and talk more about it, but till then this is all we have to say here.

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