Is the new Need for Speed Heat really hot enough?

By Wajeeh Uddin 09 Nov, 19

The latest addition to the Need for Speed (NFS) family is the NFS Heat. The game is similar to its older version but has some exciting features which might urge you to buy it. The game is set to launch officially on the 8th of November 2019, but you can always pre order the game.

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So first off the game includes the Day and Night feature. Every time you leave your garage you get a choice whether you want to enjoy your ride during the day or at night. I would personally suggest that the day feature is more preferable and easy to get used to. 

There are multiple racing options which you can get yourself involved with, the game includes races such mix of circuits, time attack and drifting related ones. The game similar to its previous versions includes the quick-shifting to and from safe houses.

The concept over here is mostly about the illegal street racing, and there is a constant risk of the cops getting their hands on you and so every time you get arrested you lose your rep (games version currency/ XP )

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At the start of the game, you are to select a character out of the 12 provided choices. Whereas you can enhance your character value as many customization choices are given to you for their clothing and other appearance items.

In general, if you play the game the racing experience is very fine and the detailing on the driving has certainly kept the reputation of its predecessors. The driving is completely in your control with some nice drifting ability unless. Well if you are a bad driver then only practice can make the man perfect, No?

Okay, so earlier I said that I recommend the day version of the game to keep things easy and safe but the night version is more lustrous and desirable, but why did I suggest the day version? What’s the catch? 

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The whole issue with the missions and tasks of the game is that after a cut-throat competition in a race you will often find that as soon as the race ends you are being chased by the cops. And now so in order to retain your rep, you need to lose the tail. Well during the night race the whole experience of the game is enhanced around ten times fold with the tail light glazing very nicely and the street lights bringing out your desire for some hot pursuit.. but once you end your races at night you are given few difficult choices to make.. So the repo you will earn at night mode is never truly yours. As you will face the cops on your tail after the race you need to shake them off.. so after every illegal race, you need to choose that either you get busted loose some of your rep, get more heat ( your wanted level ) and enable to enter more races or you retain your earnings. This is like a gamble for the player to make depending on what he prefers. However, when you play during the day mode your earnings are referred to as ‘’Bank’’ and these will be used by you to buy better cars and equipment to increase your riding experience by doing modifications. Which is pretty much important to a lot of people who really want the deluxe experience.

The game is NOT much different than its previous version, but for those who have been playing this game previously and loyally have had their hands put on all the game of this franchise would definitely not miss the opportunity to get this game too. The game cost around rupees 7,999 with shipping charges and as always you can place your order through as shipping is provided all over Pakistan.

In the end, this goes without saying but ethically needs to be mentioned for sure, the love for the game and racing resides in the majority of people out there but the passion should only be demonstrated and enjoyed through the game. DO NOT TRY THIS IN THE REAL WORLD!

Enjoy the game and enjoy the Heat!

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Need for Speed Heat Review