Marvel’s Avengers First Post- Launch Hero: Hawkeye

By Wajeeh Uddin 04 Aug, 20

Crystal Dynamics hosted its second War Table stream for Marvel’s Avengers on 29th July 2020. They gave the fans what they were desperately waiting for: A look at Hawkeye, the game’s first post-launch hero with a unique set of story missions. It appears that three other heroes are also planned to be added alongside Hawkeye, but it isn’t revealed who they’re going to be yet.


 This announcement came a few months after Bill Rosemann tweeted “Hey #Hawkeye fans, we hear you...and we love Clint too! Stay tuned, True Believers!” indicating that the fans could expect more Hawkeye involvement in the Marvel’s Avengers game.

The Marvel’s Avengers version of Hawkeye is Clint Barton, which is played by Jeremy Renner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the game, Hawkeye will play just as expected by the players, slinging high-tech arrows across the battlefield. We have seen him using his signature arrows in the Cinematic Trailer but Black Widow mentioned shock arrows so fans can expect a new variety in the game. 

Hawkeye will come with its own campaign which is a part of what Crystal Dynamics call “Avenger’s Initiative”. This campaign can be played solo as well as co-op. It can be deduced from the stream that other post-launch heroes would have the same content as Hawkeye and all of them would be free for all Marvel’s Avengers players.


During the stream, the studio said it had “taken some exciting ideas” for the Marvel’s Avengers version of Hawkeye from Matt Fraction and David Aja’s “My Life as a Weapon” comic. The design seems to be based on the Hawkeye #1 variant cover by Adi Granov.

Players can try out Marvel’s Avengers except for Hawkeye, Thor and Captain America in the game’s beta which starts on PS4 on August 7th for players that pre-order the game. Players who pre-order on Windows PC and Xbox version can play the same beta on August 14th. The game goes live for all platforms on August 21st. The full game is to be launched on September 4th.

The fans are over the moon following this War Table stream. They were pleased to see the addition of Hawkeye’s character to the Original Six Avengers after he had seemingly been left out again. Fans are optimistic about this release and are eagerly waiting for it. They are really happy with the graphics and can’t wait to check out the beta version. Fans are pre-ordering the game for their PS4, Xbox and PC everywhere.

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Marvel's Avengers - Hawkeye Teaser Trailer | PS4

While the news received a lot of praise, it received some backlash as well. Fans aren’t happy with the speed of the game; they feel like it’s in slow-mo. Some of them also think that it’s a waste of time and money. Addition of Black Panther and Doctor Strange have also been demanded by many fans.

Overall, the War Table stream has been a huge success and fans all over the world are desperately waiting for the release of the beta version and check out the cool features and missions of Hawkeye’s character.