Marvel’s Avengers Game - Review

By Wajeeh Uddin 15 Sep, 20

Marvel’s Avengers is a huge franchise, so much so that a video game of the same name has been launched in addition to the movies. It was expected to be everything that a Marvel’s Avengers fan would want to play but sadly, it wasn’t. A week into the release and majority of the fans are disappointed. The graphics aren’t up to the mark, the screenplay isn’t really what the fans wanted, and the heroes are not what they ought to be. Thor, for instance, looks and sounds a bit different, and he also behaves differently depending on who is playing. When the game was first announced, the characters were thoroughly criticized for looking like a bland version of the iconic superheroes.

The game consists of five of the six original superheroes: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Black Widow. It also consists of one more character who claims to be a superfan of the Avengers; Kamela Khan, a Pakistani-American teenage girl with inhumane powers. The start of the game and the first thirty minutes or so are interesting enough to keep the players captivated but after the explosion on the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the heroes suddenly become the villains and the day is saved by none other than Kamela Khan herself. This doesn’t sit quite well with the fans, to be very honest.

Of course, the focus of the game is on Khan and her journey towards becoming Ms. Marvel after being exposed to the Terrigen mist, but the Earth’s mightiest heroes are a little dishonoured in this process and that’s not acceptable. The predictability of the game is kind of disappointing, to say the least. It feels like a lack of effort by the developers who maybe assumed it to be a success just because the name of the franchise itself is famous enough. The storyline isn’t really that bad, but the gameplay could’ve been far more interesting and engaging than it was. All of this could’ve been overlooked had the fight scenes been more intense but even that was a little basic and disheartening. 

Furthermore, the game consisted of different missions that would unlock abilities for the heroes once the mission is completed. While so many other video games, like Summoner’s War, also have the same gameplay where players must do certain missions to unlock different things, the fans don’t really see this as something they would continue playing the game for in the long term.

While most of the fans are not impressed by how the game turned out to be, some of them really liked the overall performance of the superheroes and Kamela Khan and enjoyed all the cinematics moments that took place throughout the game. They felt like the campaign was shockingly good the characters felt familiar but intriguing at the same time. 

If the game would have been a standalone Kamela Khan video game with surprise cameos by the Avengers, it would’ve a hit but the reviews so far have been mixed and when compared with PES 2021 or FIFA 21, Marvel’s Avengers wasn’t really that successful in impressing its audience.