NVIDIA goes next level with its new RTX 3000 series and NVIDIA Reflex

By Rafay Faheem 03 Sep, 20

Yesterday, NVIDIA revealed its brand new Ampere RTX 3000 card lineup. The brand new iteration of GPUs included the RTX 3090, RTX 3080 and the RTX 3070. The lineup was impressive, to say the least because of the major generational leap in performance, and the competitive price points for the cards. But NVIDIA didn’t hold back in terms of software for the next generation as well, they revealed a bunch of cool stuff that like an updated RTX voice app which helps with live streaming.


By far, the most impressive piece of software that they revealed was NVIDIA Reflex. Reflex is all about lowering system latency by an impressive margin. The software supposedly calculates the time it takes from when an input is made till it corresponds to a change on the screen. NVIDIA Reflex will drastically improve latency when compared to the old Ultra-low latency mode that is currently implemented in GeForce drivers.
Reflex is not only for the new cards though, as NVIDIA confirmed that cards as old as the Pascal series will be able to take advantage of the update that releases on September 17th. So if you have a 1000 series card, you will benefit from Reflex as well. The games that were showcased implementing Reflex were VALORANT, CS: GO, Warzone and Apex: Legends. More games are sure to follow as developers implement this technology into their games.

Apart from the software AI improvements, RTX capabilities are also coming to a wide variety of different games. Fortnite and Call of Duty: Cold War will be able to take advantage of next-gen Ray Tracing from the Ampere cards (as well as the first generation RTX 2000 cards).
NVIDIA could not have announced these cards at a better time as the console launches are set for the last quarter of 2020, and PC gamers are on the lookout for upgrades to make sure that their machine stays up-to-date for future games. The RTX 3090, RTX 3080, and RTX 3070 will be available for purchase starting September 17th onwards. Stay tuned for more!