Peaky Blinders: Mastermind is Set to Release This Summer

By Sairam Hussain Miran 29 Apr, 20

A year after the announcement that a Peaky Blinders game was in development, the gaming community, as well as fans of the BBC hit series would be happy to know that a trailer has finally been released and we have a closer look at the game.


The game is set as a prequel to the TV series, therefore showing snippets of interesting background information about the Shelby criminal family organization. Furthermore, it is expected to release sometime in the summer, on all current-gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch), and PC.

When the game was initially announced without any details, it would be safe to say that because of the nature of the TV show, we all expected an open-world action-adventure game. We were thinking within lines of GTA, Red Dead Redemption, etc. However, the trailer depicts otherwise…

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Peaky Blinders: Mastermind - Official Reveal Trailer

Peaky Blinders: Mastermind unexpectedly looks like a top-down puzzle game, which has put off a lot of potential customers and fans. Fans who expected GTA V like gameplay are now getting GTA Chinatown type material, so they can not exactly be blamed.

However, the criticism is perhaps too harsh, according to some, as the puzzle game offers some extraordinary and unique features. The developers have called their project “part action, part puzzle, part adventure, but all inventive.”

Players will take control of all six members of the Shelby family; this will be enabled via a rewind feature that allows gamers to scroll backward and forward in missions, and therefore in time. This will help navigate the family through puzzles with each member using their specific skill set to the fullest. Polly is advantageous at bribing and lock picking, Ada can be used for distracting, Arthur for hand to hand combat and door kicking, Finn is exceptional at stealth, John specializes in Arson and Tom Shelby is well, Tommy Shelby! 

Using these characters and techniques, players are expected to solve increasingly complex and tough puzzles that require a lot of synchronization among characters.


James Marsden, the game’s art director, has made some comments that have provided more insight into the inspiration behind the project, “There’s a point in the show where Tommy Shelby explains he has no concern for the past, nor the future, all he cares about is a crucial moment he recalls the soldier’s minute We designed our game around that idea.” 

Marsden further added, “The player gets to feel like the smart and sophisticated leader that Tommy is, so we think becoming the mastermind will resonate with fans of the show and gamers alike.”

Peaky Blinder’s creator Steven Knight has been actively involved in the game process in order to ensure that it “remains a part of the Peaky Blinders universe”, however, the developers also seem keen to add a fresh identity to the franchise as well. UK’s Feverist band who produced the original TV Series’ soundtrack has been brought in again, but this time to create an all-new soundtrack for the game.

The game has received mixed views online, with some praising it for complexity and creativity, while others are critiquing it because “it had potential to be so much more”. What do you think? Is Peaky Blinders: Mastermind truly the ploy of a mastermind, or is it a mere blunder?