PlayStation Plus February 2020 Lineup: Will you be my… Frankenstein?

By Sohrab Khan 30 Jan, 20

Behold, the month of February is upon us. A month that usually sees men trying to confess their love or feeling to that special someone. Truth be told, I am least bothered about that because the PS Plus lineup for Feb 2020 has me hooked! Sorry girls, but we gamers have other plans!

PS Plus free games Feb 2020

For those who may have missed out on January’s lineup for PS Plus, you still have time to get your hands on the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (which includes the first three installments of the series) and the hilarious Goat Simulator. These will be replaced on the 4th of Feb, 2020. Moving on then to the next batch of games.

BioShock Collection


Hmm, I am beginning to see a trend here already. That’s two for two now for including a ‘collection’ title. Maybe it is Sony’s way of saying Thank You as we near the end of what has been nothing short of a legend, the PlayStation 4, or maybe they just couldn’t think of anything better, in which case they should honestly hire me for the job. Anyways…!

BioShock, the title that introduced us to a psychological horror/survival game, based within the dark waters of Rupture. It is a legend. The collection contains all the DLCs and all the three games of the series, including my all-time favorite BioShock Infinite (the third installment). 

The series has a specific story to follow, so feel free to jump right into the third one and begin your journey into a floating city. You play as Booker (voiced by Troy Baker) as he sets out to “Bring back the girl and wipe away the debt.” Even by today’s standard, the graphics, the fluid movement, the scenes, and the story is insanely fun to enjoy. Oh, and the glitch still works, so you can make some serious cash too!

Blow away enemies with your boomstick or tear them apart with your powers, the world is your playground in this incredibly colossal game. Personally, I gave the third installment a solid 9 out of 10. 

The Sims 4

The Sims 4

Create your character and live its life the way you see fit, quite literally. For those who may not be old enough to remember the original sims, this series has managed to stick around, and EA has done its job to ensure it remains interesting. 

I honestly cannot define the amount of time I spent on it to create my very own house, make a living, and try to win that fair lady’s heart (don’t ask). The game is worth a play and is undoubtedly an excellent addition to the library. 

Surprise, Surprise!

I was honestly surprised to hear that this month, PS Plus is offering THREE GAMES INSTEAD OF THE USUAL TWO! Before you leap in joy, there is a little catch.


The third game is a VR only title. That means we can only add it to the library and hope that we end up buying a VR device somewhere in the future, hopefully before the PS5 hits the shelf, or borrow someone else’s to play for a bit and be motion sick! However, if you have a PS VR, you are in for a treat. Feb 2020 sees Firewall Zero Hour VR steaming in, a tactical, team-based shooter, and it certainly seems fun! 

The line up so far for Feb 2020 is a solid 9/10. I cannot wait to dive back or fly high in BioShock’s crazy world of mayhem. I may also revisit my virtual neighborhood within Sims too and see if that lady still lives where I last left her. In the meantime, I bid you farewell and see you all next month!