PlayStation Plus March 2020 Lineup: a trip down the memory lane

By Sohrab Khan 27 Feb, 20

It is true; we are already steaming into the third month of the year. Time is zooming right past by, and we are being met with one of the most exhilarating lineups we have seen thus far. Truly, the folks at PS are living up to their expectations. Fortunately, they have done it yet again.


Just when you thought the Feb lineup could not be topped, they pulled yet another one out of the magic hat; make that two. With that said, let us dive into the two games you can download from March 3rd for $0.00. Oh, and just so you know, these games involve legendary characters; think Sega and PS2. 

Shadow Of Colossus


I will be downright honest. I have read great reviews about this remake. I have seen the trailers, and I have even had the privilege of watching a friend have a crack at it. However, I have yet to play this masterpiece myself. Fortunately, now I can without straining my bank account. 

The game is set around a character that roams into some of the most picturesque settings I have come across so far. You fight colossal enemies, and I mean freaking huge ones; sixteen to be precise (or maybe it was 15). The combat, the swift movement and the insanely detailed graphics are just off the charts. This is a game that is set to leave you thrilled and craving for more. 

Sonic Forces


Yes! The blue furry hairball is back. Zooming right past enemies, terrains and rings, you play as the Sega’s official mascot and ambassador, Sonic the hedgehog. However, unlike the previous games, where you quite literally had 2D levels, you can have fun in 3-D modes. 

With incredibly fast-paced action, speed and tons of enemies, beams that you can glide on and breath-taking stunts, there is so much on offer that you cannot afford to miss. My wife actually insisted I buy the previous sonic games from the PS store. I know, I am going to give her a pleasant surprise with this one now. 

For those who may have missed out on the February’s lineup, don’t worry. You still have a few days left before the calendar hits the 3rd of March. Grab your digital copies of this month’s incredible lineup and prepare for the next one. 

Hoping that this 3 for 3 will go 4 for 4 by the end of March, this is Sohrab Khan saying goodbye. I shall see you with the next one!