Project Cars 3 is set to make an appearance on consoles and PC

By Wajeeh Uddin 05 Jun, 20

The Project Cars series will be coming to the Xbox, PS4, and PC this year. Regarded as one of the best racing game sims at the moment, the team is expanding its horizons by bringing the game to the console world.


Project Cars 3 will be introducing an all-new career mode for its fans; now, this feature wasn't present in the previous games of the series.
Bandai Namco had said that the game had been developed adaptively that it would be pleasing to both longtime fans and newcomers alike, or to people who are first stepping into the racing sim genre with Cars 3.
If we talk about the career mode in Project Cars, it will allow players to experience a good set of amazing cars and tracks in the game, which is expected by everyone. As the game progresses during the campaign, the players will be able to customize their experience through 10 upgradeable car classes. Another feature is regarding the game difficulty as there are several difficulty options and, depending upon difficulty options one may have chosen and assists, the player will be rewarded for completing objectives. This difficulty curve serves the purpose of encouraging players to use fewer assists while playing and have a better gameplay experience.


However, career mode isn't the only big star in Project Cars 3. To keep the experience fresh and exciting regular updates and additional contents are promised. These post-launch content updates, including car customization, will allow players to choose from a bunch of customization presets or the ability to make their own.
In addition to this, there's also a new Rival mode, which is a multiplayer mode that will replace the community events from Project Cars 2. There will be a regularly curated series of events that will allow players to compete. This is not very new, but one of the fan favorites features as car racing with their peers is one thing many enjoy and is a luxury available, not too many in real life. 
Furthermore, players will be able to race through and explore two new tracks - the neon-bright streets of Shangai and Interlagos in Sao Paulo. Project Cars is also going to tweak the gameplay to offer a more realistic gameplay experience and graphical fidelity, including post-processing effects, collision effects, motion blur, camera shakes, and also a new gamepad map that makes the experience even more intense. It is also speculated that the game will also be playable on the PS5 and will be taking advantage of the backward compatibility of the PS5.


Although there hasn't been a concrete release date for Project Cars 3 so far, the game should be launching on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC sometime later this year. Hopefully in a month or two. There hasn't been any sort confirmation if the game could also be launching on next-gen consoles, but we have our eyes on it and cannot wait to enjoy the game soon.

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