PS Plus July 2020 Lineup Finally Revealed with an Extra Surprise!

By Sohrab Khan 29 Jun, 20

In my previous post, I mentioned two things. The first one was that the games would be announced this Wednesday, and clearly, I was wrong. However, the second reason for the delay was the fact that PS Plus was to celebrate its 10th anniversary; boy was I right. 

PS PLUS free games July 2020

To mark this monumental milestone, the folks at PlayStation certainly did come up with a treat for all the fans out there who have continued to support PS Plus as their choice of subscription. So are the games any good? Are they as good as we kept on hearing on the internet? Let’s find out.



Right away, the first game to grace our consoles is the smooth, fluid and dynamic game of basketball. I ain’t a big fan, but hey! It is free and the gameplay is sublime, to say the least. For fans of the sports, you would be able to enjoy some of the finest frame rates, all packed with the exhilarating online action of the much-loved sports. 

Rise of The Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration


Now, this is what I am talking about. The next game to headline is the action-packed world of Lara Croft as she goes on to relive the steps of her father in Rise of The Tomb Raider. The 20th anniversary edition comes with a few extra perks, so be sure to keep an eye out for those. The gameplay is exceptional, the action is packed and the entire game is full of mysteries, which is normal given Lara’s history. 

I have had the privilege to play all the Lara croft games, and I can assure you this; as an action fan, these games are loaded. While they may not be as story driven as the Uncharted series, they are in for a shout of being equally as adventurous as the other. 

But Wait… There’s More!

Hold your horses! This is the 10th anniversary of PS Plus we are talking about. You don’t expect the lineup to end just yet, do you? No! There is actually a third game in the lineup. It is called a bonus title, meaning we will continue to receive two games from August 2020 as usual.

The third game in the lineup is a unique one. Erica, a psychological thriller that I always wanted to play, but for some reason, I never got to pick a copy and go through the game. The game promises to be fascinating, with a few spine-chilling moments to experience as well. 

PlayStation has been delivering the finest games to gamers ever since January 2020, minus the one month where they delivered a shock to players with Farming Simulator 19 and that city building simulation game. It has continue to deliver and live up to every gamer’s expectation. What do you feel about the current line up? Do let us know in the comments below!