PS Plus June 2020 – The Second Entry

By Sohrab Khan 29 May, 20

Finally, we have our second free game for the month of June 2020 announced. After quite a lot of confused faces and the eerie silence, the folks at PlayStation finally decided to reveal the second game, hence completing the lineup.


For anyone who may have been living under a rock, Sony had already announced the first headliner, and that was a breath of fresh air in every aspect. Call of Duty: World War II was a surprise entry and provided us gamers with every reason to look forward to the month of June. What surprised us more was the fact that we were able to download the game the very next day (it is still up for grabs). 

You know the feeling when you are presented with an exquisite game, and you feel like it does not matter what the second game would be; I had that feeling this month. To my surprise, there were some strong rumors in place which suggested the second game was set to be as good as the first one. It was either Spider-Man or Star Wars Battlefront 2. Both are equally good and if either were to make it to the lineup, it would potentially make June’s lineup as the finest lineup we have seen in a long while. 

Lo and behold! Sony just confirmed that the second game was indeed one of these two, more specifically, Star Wars Battlefront 2. Wow! We are in for a treat of a lifetime. Do not get me wrong, I still love web swinging all around Manhattan, but this game is just something else altogether.

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HUGE UPDATE! PlayStation Plus (PS+) June 2020

While you can download COD:WWII right away, you will need to wait for Star Wars for a week before you are able to add it to your library. That is more than enough time for you to clear up some space, say goodbye to your old games and prepare yourself for some insane multiplayer action both these games offer. 

They are poles apart in terms of the story line and the weapons. One uses authentic WWII weapons while the other allows you to swing your light-sabers and shoot lasers out of guns. There is just so much to do, so much to see and so much to experience this month. 

Sony, well done! If this is how you compensate for providing your gamers with a very bad selection of games, I am ready for July to be my worst PS Plus lineup, hoping that August would blow us away with sheer excitement and joy. Until next time, take care, and do let us know what you think about this month’s lineup.