PS Plus September 2020 Lineup Revealed

By Sohrab Khan 27 Aug, 20

Hello folks, and yes! This dreadful, boring, monotonous, and absolutely silent month of gaming is coming to an end, and what a way to break that monotony. 

For the entire month, I have been completely silent, worrying about what I would go on to write other than the crazy Fall Guys fever that has clearly taken the world by storm. Everyone is busy, trying to win that all glorious crown, and almost everyone seems to have forgotten that there is a complete world of games to explore. 

Well, finally, it is time for us to shift our attention from that, and focus upon the much-awaited lineup for the month of September, and let me tell you, you are in for more Battle Royale action this time around.

Right away, the first game that is headlining the lineup is my personal favorite, Street Fighter V. This game changed the dynamics of the much-loved series of the button-bashing game that has lived for as long as me. I remember playing Street Fighter II at the local arcade machines, and I would just not get enough of Ryu’s Hadoken, and his buddy Ken’s Sho-ryu-ken. This version takes everything up by another level. With completely new controls, crazy animations, packed with a nostalgic touch, the game is a must-play for all those who love the series. Even if you are someone who has never played this series before, it is much like Tekken, only better! There, I said it!


Next, we have a game that I was about to purchase on my own, and I am glad I didn’t purchase it. Yes, folks, it is the original battle royal game, Players Unknown Battle Grounds, better known as PUBG. You read that right, you are about to get a gem of entry to add to your collection. As we draw closer and closer to the PS5 launch, we are getting better and better lineups, and nothing beats PUBG when it comes to battle royal action.


For those who may have missed out on the game, it is a popular title across all platforms and has gone on to host a series of controversies as well. However, the reason for its sheer fame is evident. The gameplay is intense, no nonsense, and it is a pure joy to play with friends. 

For now, that would it. How do you feel about this months’ lineup? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out the PS Store today to grab some good games on sale while they last. I will be back with more news soon, and until then, take care.