PS5 Reveal Event – It’s happening!

By Sohrab Khan 10 Jun, 20

Before we go ahead with the big date and time reveal, let me first remind everyone of the background story here. 

Sony was set to reveal the official game lineup and eventually reveal PlayStation 5 to the world for the first time. This was supposed to happen in the first week of June 2020. However, owing to the tragic events that led to a worldwide revolt against the brutal killing of George Floyd, Sony decided to delay the event to show their solidarity. 

This move was met with mixed feelings. Some considered this as a move to win the hearts of the world, while others saw it as a genuine and humanly reaction by a firm that employs all kinds of people all across the globe. Whatever it was, it was the right call and I stood by their decision. Yes, we all wanted to see the PS5, and this only meant we were to wait a little more. We have been waiting for well over a year, and when it was close, it got delayed again. However, after every night comes a bright new day.

Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls, mark your calendars, set the alarms and be sure to squeeze out time. Gamespot just confirmed the big news. The PS5 reveal is happening on the 11th of June, 2020. It will take place at 9 pm British Summer Time (BST). Tune in to their feed at their official website, Twitch or YouTube to be a part of this global event. 

There is so much that we expect Sony to deliver. It is only fair that our expectations run high after witnessing what Microsoft has in store for gamers by the end of this year. The PS5 is set to be released as planned, holidays 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the initial launch would only have limited units supplied across the world. This means that most of us would have to wait for a little before we can get out hands on our copy of the console. 

Am I excited? Oh yes! I am truly looking forward to the console. Here is my prediction (I am calling it right now!):

-          The console will mostly be white to match the controller’s layout
-          It will no longer have buttons (touch-sensitive zones instead)
-          It will be surprisingly heavier (obviously)
-          It will cost either $499 or $599 (I hope it’s the former)

Whether I am right or wrong will be revealed on 11th June 2020. If you are in Pakistan, it would be 12th June, at 1 AM. 

Let us know in the comments below what do you wish to see at the grand event. Let us know if you will be one of those lucky few who would place their pre-orders as soon as they open. I will see you next time with hopefully a review on The Last Of Us Part 2. Until then, take care!