PS5 will be able to play 4,000+ PS4 titles

By Wajeeh Uddin 29 Mar, 20

Sony’s new PS5, releasing in late 2020, is an upcoming video game console and the successor of Sony’s PS4. Although a lot of people are speculating its delay in the release, but sources have confirmed that Sony has no such intention. Yet, no one can say anything about this for sure, for this we will have to wait and watch.
The PS5 promises many new features for all of its fans but the main feature on which all of us were very excited about was the backward compatibility feature, and well the announcement has been made.


The big question here is was that what happens to the previous games of PS4 when the PS5 arrives in December 2020, would they be available to play in this new console or not? Will we have to buy new disc to play them on the PS5? Well it was recently confirmed by Sony that the new PS5 would contain a huge 4000+ games which were previously available on the PS4. The gaming community is having a field day after hearing this news and the level of excitement shown by people all around the world is through the roof. Recently it was believed that only a very few selected games would be available but this announcement has just made everyone happy in a very dark hour of the planet. This increases the PS5 library to a very huge number with all new PS5 games and also the present 4000+ PS4 games.  In fact, earlier at a communication meeting, a PS5 designer had revealed that this console will have multiple modes. YES, MULTIPLE MODES! These modes include PS5 native mode, PS4 Pro’s Pro Legacy Mode and PS4 Legacy Mode and after the release of Sony PS5, all TOP 100 PS4 games will be immediately available on the PS5 console.


Few of the most popular games of PS4 include Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War, Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite, The Uncharted Series, The Last Of Us and many more. They all would be available in PS5 with better graphics, enhanced features and less loading time on a very new console producing better visuals and with a promise of a new controller with longer battery life. More exciting news about the PS5 games also includes news about a possible Marvel Spider-Man Sequel and GTA VI and of course The Last of Us 2 which will be made available possibly on the PS4 first. 
In addition to that, there has been widespread speculation that it may also contain games of PS1, PS2 and also PS3, but no official announcement has been made yet about them except about the mention of backward traceability. There is a possibility that PS3 games might not be available in PS5 as there is a lot of work that would be needed by the developers to make things work for that But, as Sony surprises us with wonderful news every now and then, let’s all hope that it might find a way to include the games of previous PlayStations as well. 
So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and all previous games from previous PlayStations safe. Hopefully, Sony will update us soon, and all our queries will be resolved.