Rainbow Six: Siege goes into Year 5 and here’s everything we know

By Rafay Faheem 20 Feb, 20

As the Six Invitational, Rainbow Six: Siege esports the biggest event of the year, has ended we got to see Ubisoft’s roadmap for the 5th year of the game. With the new season of year 5 we will be getting new operators, new maps and a brand new Battle Pass system that they tested out last season.
What can you expect from the first season of Year 5 titled “Void Edge”? Well, we’re getting two new operators this season along with the rework of Oregon. Ubisoft’s recent strategy to give preference to Quality-of-Life changes instead of releasing new content (new maps, operators, guns etc) has been seen as a favourable decision by the community and the esports scene that the game has garnered.

When is it coming out?

We don't have an exact date as of now. As of Monday 17th February, the two new operators will be live on the Test Servers to play and test. The usual date for the new season is around three weeks after the new operators hit the Test servers, so that would put the release date to be somewhere around March 9th. The two new operators, Oryx and Iana, will be able for people who own the Year 5 Pass and will be available to everybody else one week after they arrive on the live game servers. If you’re looking to buy the Year 5 Pass, it is supposed to be revealed sometime soon and if past trends are something to show then it will be priced at $29.99.

The New Operators: Oryx and Iana

Iana is the brand new attacker that has the ability to control a holograph of herself that replicates her entire kit (including her gun skin, and headgear). Oryx is a defender who packs a punch! His abilities include blasting through soft walls,barricades and windows along with the ability to climb up hatches. These new operators both have gun loadouts that are already present in the game, as in no new gun is coming to the playing field. Oryx will have an MP5 SMG and a SPAS-12 shotgun to choose from as his primary. Iana will get the ARX200 and G36C as primary options.

No New Maps: Oregon Rework coming

In the first season of Year 5, we will be getting a complete overhaul of the Oregon map. Ubisoft has stated that they are focusing on revisiting old maps instead of dishing out new ones. Detailed in the roadmap, there are other reworks coming in Year 5. Season 2 will see a reworked House map (a fan favourite) while Seasons 3 and 4 will bring reworks for Skyscraper and Chalet respectively.

What’s Next?

Along with a bunch of Quality-of-Life changes that will see that the game remains fresh, balanced and welcoming to new players we will be getting 1 new operator after Season 2 of Year 5 every season. Ubisoft’s plan for getting to 100 operators and “10 more years of Siege” is definitely panning out nicely and that is very exciting for the community that so actively enjoys this game!