Resident Evil: Village – A Possible Spoiler Found!

By Sohrab Khan 22 Jun, 20

Right away, anyone who is not interested in essentially finding out what could effectively be a spoiler should turn away at this point. This does not reflect any other person or source or their opinions. What you are about to read is purely based on my own opinions and findings. I can be right, and I can be wrong. Moving forward, take everything you read with a pinch of salt.

June 11th 2020 would go down in history as the most successful live stream of our time. Not only did we get a look into some of the games we can expect to play in the upcoming PS5, but we also got a look at the much eagerly awaited PlayStation 5 console itself. Boy, I still cannot get that beat out of my mind. It was well worth the wait. 

In this event or reveals and world premieres, Capcom pitched in as well and finally confirmed that they are indeed moving forward with the storyline of Resident Evil 7. For those who may have missed out on RE7, it was one hell of a title to dig into. It wasn’t the first title to have a first-person view of things, but it was the first to incorporate VR technology and an insane level of details, making RE7 one of the finest entries of the series. RE: Village follows the story a few years after the events of RE7. The trailer initially gave an eerie feeling of Silent Hills, which is why quite a few of us were taken by surprise until we saw a few familiar icons and faces. However, this time, things are a bit different. 

Unlike previous RE entries, where we mostly fought of zombies and other mutations, this one featured a werewolf and perhaps vampires (those ladies in vintage fancy dresses). However, it was that werewolf that caught my attention. I paused the stream and started to study the hair, the mutated face and the dress it was wearing. It did not take me long to figure out what, or who, I was looking at. 


Here is my theory, and I have already tweeted about it to claim it if it turns out to be right. 

In the start of the game, you come across this:


I thought they were referring to Ethan, the survivor from RE7, but no. They are indeed talking about Chris Redfield. If you recall the previous DLC of the RE7, it was titled:


Needless to say, this raised a few eyebrows, especially considering that you were playing as Chris himself. Over the years, Chris’s character has been sidelined and has taken quite a few hits. I believe Not A Hero was released to link into the story that follows in RE: Village (aka RE8). Now comes the biggest spoiler of the lot!


The clothes, the scraggly beard, the messed-up hair, they match. That means… Chris Redfield and this screaming werewolf are the same people. It is possible that we will be saying goodbye to Chris Redfield in RE: Village? Only time will tell. 

Either he is working for Umbrella now and reveals his true nature, injects himself with some virus and turns into this, or he becomes a victim of some accident and is made to host the virus in himself. Either way, it is possible that Chris Redfield’s story is actually coming to a close. 

This is my theory, and I certainly hope I am wrong. We will have to wait for 2021 to find out about it. Do let me know what you think in the comments below. Stay safe, Stay healthy!