Riot’s Project A: Valorant leaked and we have our first look at some characters

By Rafay Faheem 04 Mar, 20

Ever since Riot revealed their upcoming class-based FPS, Project A, we haven’t gotten any other details about the rumored “CS:GO killer” from Riot since. But according to a new leak, we might have a name for the game: Valorant.

Not only that, but according to the leaked screenshots we have an idea as to what character we can expect to see in the game. The important takeaway from these leaks, however, is that everything should be taken with a grain of salt as there has been no official word on the subject from the developers as of yet. Apart from the word of an ex-CSGO pro, we have nothing on the game so far.

The Leaked Characters

Sage, a healer type, that seems to possess abilities much similar to Overwatch’s Mercy and Moira is showcased in the images that have been making rounds on the internet. 

Along with that, we also got two other character names: Brimstone and Viper. The different classes (Support, Defense, Offense) have been emphasized in the images as Sage clearly has supporting abilities.


Other Screenshots and Game Details

These leaks come from Twitter accounts that were made specifically to follow news and leaks surrounding the game. The name (ValorantTheGame) seems to be of special interest in this leak because fans found a Riot trademark of the same name after a bit of searching. Not only that, but there is also a dormant twitter handle by the name “PlayValorant”. These things point to this leak most likely being legitimate but we never know until we get the final word from Riot.

The screenshots also included in-game chat and the character selection screen which detailed Team composition and the such. Fans have been divided on the fact that Sage, the detailed hero in the leaks, seems to have healing and resurrection abilities which counteract the previous claim from ex-CS:GO pro, HenryG, that the game will focus primarily on gunplay and abilities will come secondary.
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