SMEC 19 – A day of absolute E-games!

By Wajeeh Uddin 25 Sep, 19

Sir Syed University hosted SMEC, a fourth edition event of theirs which was full of exciting games and was truly a major success.

The event was held on the 17th and 18th of September. There were six major E-game events that were held in SMEC, all received not only a good number of participants but also had outstanding winning prizes going up to 10,000-12,000 rupees per competition!  Yes exactly that big, the prize pool was about Rs. 200,000 for all these games. The games included were PUBG, NFS, CS 1.6, FIFA 19 (X-BOX), TEKKEN 7 (PS4-SEASON 3) and AGE OF EMPIRES.
Players playing Age of Empires

The most popular among these games were Counter-Strike and FIFA 19. There were approximately 24 teams with 5 players a side in CS which included teams from all over Karachi, the participants were all from the 16-23 age group and most included undergraduate students. The finalists for the Counter-Strike game was team Rise and Team Revolver among which Team rise left with the victory and bounty of the competition. A thing which was highly appreciable was the remarkable management in CS matches, which were being conducted in Computer lab of the University.
Conter-Strike at SSUET computer lab

There were no lag issues, no power supply issues and the ambience was perfect. The competition started at 9:00 am in the morning and was finished by 5 pm the next day. The criteria included matches in three maps, de_dust 2, de_nuke and inferno; a toss was held for the winner then to call for the map for their team.

Followed by this there was the competition held for Tekken 7 on ps4 which included approximately 15 players out of which two friends who came together saw their way to the finals and faced each other only for one of them to take the winning award.

In addition to this there was a very happening competition held for FIFA 19 on Xbox One. The competition saw around 40 participants and was held in the recreational room of the campus where as the final of the match was held in the corridor to cater a larger audience which included many of the faculty members who were enjoying the match with the utmost passion

FIFA 19 on Xbox One

The entry amount for FIFA 19 was kept at just rupees 600 and the winner was a student from the City School, and surely a young enthusiast of the game.

When there are competition with E-Games it is of utmost importance that PUBG is included; the present day ‘most-popular’ mobile game which has been running havoc in the lives of almost all teenagers and adults; both males and females. So, PUBG was present in SMEC 19 as well. It was held on day one and included a lot of players, there was proper internet service provided for the players.
A room filled by players of PUBG

One of the most notable and appreciable thing of SMEC 19 is the fact that there was remarkable support of the staff and faculty of the University for the Event which contributes to its great success. The organising team members told us that last year there was a total of 350 participants for Event but this year the tally had hit around more than 550 participants which is a significant increase. This unprecedented increase can be directly associated by the remarkable work the staff is doing along with the students who have been the backbone of the entire two day event.

Overall, SMEC 19 was a hit. If you weren’t there, you missed the fun, but we assure you there is surely a next year for you to be rooting for.

We, at Gamelist, were proud to be a sponsor of this fruitful event and enjoyed our association with this year’s SMEC. 
Hope to see you too in the next.