Sony delays June 4th event for all the right reasons!

By Wajeeh Uddin 02 Jun, 20

Sony’s event for the PS5 was due on the 4th of June, but amid the protest going on in the United States of America, the event has been postponed indefinitely. Sony openly posted a statement on Facebook, stating that: 


This decision to postpone the PS5 event is in response to the nationwide protests happening in the US over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Floyd, 46, an unarmed black man, who died last Monday after a white police officer knelt on his neck as he begged for mercy and continuously said “I can’t breathe”, the video of the incident was posted on multiple sites which went viral and resulted in widespread protests over police brutality. Mayors of major cities, be it Los Angeles to Atlanta, have now imposed curfews in an effort to maintain stability and peace and curtail the widespread protest and chaos along with it but are failing to do so.

The Japanese tech giant had plans to show off new games for the PlayStation 5, announcing an exciting and interesting line up of games in an hour-long presentation on Thursday, June 4th, 2020. The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s next-generation console, which will succeed its predecessor, the PlayStation 4.  The PS5 is aimed at Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Both consoles are set to hit retail shelves later this year in holiday 2020. 

Following the footsteps of Sony’s decision to postpone its PS5 announcement event, a similar move by Google to delay an online event for its next version of Android is observed. The event was meant to showcase Android 11 and the rumored Pixel 4a. The company also took to a social media platform, Twitter, to announce that now is not the right time to celebrate the launch of the new version of the Android operating system, likely in response to the civil unrest in the US. 
Followed these delays nationwide, chaos in the US is not losing its heat and is spreading like wildfire with rumors to call in the army to control the situation. A proper campaign for civil rights for the black community is going with the tag #BlackLivesMatter or #BLM . One thing is for certain that under such a situation many companies would take a step back and let things settle first instead of going on about their scheduled plans for tech reveal and announcements.