Sony PlayStation hits its Golden Jubilee and here is it's Journey

By Wajeeh Uddin 14 Sep, 20

The PlayStation 1 was released on September 9th 1995 in North America, the pioneer edition of the magnanimous PlayStation series.

Read below as we discuss the quarter century milestone of Sony’s PlayStation console.

While building more hype for its latest edition, the PlayStation 5, Sony has taken to Twitter as they celebrate the PlayStation 1’s 25th anniversary.

The release date and price for both the hybrid and digital-only versions of the PS5 are expected to be announced on the Sony’s recently announced PS5 showcase for Wednesday, September 16, 2020 1pm PT / 4pm ET.

The golden jubilee celebration post made on twitter made many fans go crazy as they are now expecting something big due to the date's significance to Sony - and the price and launch date reveal of the Xbox Series X.

If we talk about the journey then Sony has come a long way, from PS1 to PS2 and PS3 followed by the currently present PS4. Over the years Sony has come a long way, we have had both portable and stationary version with wired and wireless controller transitions. An 8 MB memory card in the PS2 along with multitap followed by 500 GB and 1Tb editions for PS3 and PS4.

While PS4 is the current edition of the console majority would know that the PS2 was the most sold console of all time and if you’re reading this then probably you had one too. It’s reported that as of May 2020 PS2 has sold about 158 million units. THATS INCREDIBLE!

 In the last 25 years Sony has held its position high and is arguably the best gaming console out there, with many exclusives winning back to back game of the year and having immense love from the gaming community Sony truly is the forerunner in the gaming console market.

With many incredible games shared by the Playstation family gamers have grown old playing their most loved characters from games like crash bandicoot, Prince of Persia, The last of Us, Uncharted Series and so on.

Playstation has not only provided an enjoyment platform for story mode games but also for open world games and games from comics have had their fair share of capture on the Playstation too which has received immense love from the gamers over the years. It’s truly humbling to see how many of the gamers have passed on their love for the console to their children as they began with PS1 and their children and they themselves are now enjoying the PS4.

For now all of us have our eyes on the PS5 event coming mid-week. Will we finally have the price for the PS5 digital edition and the PS5? What else is gonna happen? Is there any more surprises that SONY is hiding? Any more exciting exclusive game in their library yet to be announced? Guess we will soon find out!