Sony says Thank You with Free Store Credit

By Sohrab Khan 30 Jul, 20

If you are someone who has long been a loyal subscriber of the PlayStation Plus, boy are you in for a surprise. 


Last month marked the 10th Anniversary for PS Plus subscription, which debuted back in 2010 when we are all engaged with the less popular PlayStation 3 console. This was a revolutionary new idea that was released by the PS folks. As time progressed, the thing started to change, and change they did. 

With the addition of PlayStation 4 to the PS family, Sony knew it had to do something to attract more people. This started the notoriously famous saga of free games. For those who may recall, PS Plus members received not two but six games for free. This included two PS4 titles, two PS3 titles (which could be played on PS4 as well), and two PS Vita title. It was only changed recently to the current format of just two PS4 titles. 

However, we are least interested in what happened before. Sony had to further do something to keep us on board, and nothing sounds as tempting as a free giveaway of cash on top of the next lineup, which I would be sharing once it is revealed. 

Various Reddit users have shared screenshots of notifications they received from PlayStation. These notifications simply said thank you for being a loyal subscriber to the PS plus family, and as a token of appreciation, especially considering the successful 10 years, Sony grants you $15.


US Members will get $15 for free, although there are some reports to suggest you may get $10. UK members and EU members will get 10 GBP and 10 EUR accordingly. 

I do not know about you, but that is a massive giveaway, considering that there are millions of PS4 and PS Plus users out there. 

If you are excited and looking forward to spending $10 on a good title, but have no idea what you should buy, do not worry. In my next article, I will be providing you with some fascinating titles which you can buy at $10. 

Side note: It is unclear what is the current eligibility criteria which allow you to receive the store credit for free. If you receive this, you will be notified by a notification directly from Sony PlayStation. 

That is it for now. Keep your eyes open for the next one where I will be providing you with some insight into the much-anticipated July Sale.