Spider-Man to be a PlayStation Exclusive in Marvel’s Avengers

By Wajeeh Uddin 06 Aug, 20

Crystal Dynamics has recently announced on a new PlayStation Blog post that Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers but with a big twist; it is going to be available as a PlayStation exclusive. The post quoted, “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get a helping hand from a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man in 2021” indicating that Spider-Man would be added to the playable roster in early 2021 but the good news is that it will be available at “no additional cost” to owners of the base game. It will be released post-launch, so Spider-Man won’t be available when Marvel’s Avengers is released on September 4.


A few weeks ago, the studio had announced other post-launch characters, like Hawkeye, but unlike Spider-Man, Hawkeye is not exclusive for PlayStation. This was a low blow for Xbox and PC owners because they are big fans of Spider-Man too but as Sony owns the rights to the character, nothing can be done about it. 

No specific information regarding how Spider-Man will play has been shared signalling that the work on the character is still in progress. But, in the Blog post, Crystal Dynamics’ associate art director Jeff Adams gave the fans an outline of what to expect when the character is added to the Marvel’s Avengers after its launch. He stated that, “Spider-Man’s impressive acrobatic abilities will complement the experience” allowing the players to “seamlessly transition from navigation to combat”.


Adams said that he wanted the players to be “able to utilize a variety of web configurations and gadgets to enhance traversal” and that would be done by including “an impressive suite of iconic abilities and attacks”. Also, the players get to decide which gadgets and skills they wish to upgrade. Being a part of The Avengers, Spider-Man will have access to all the impressive technology available to the team so his webslinger will also get upgrades throughout the game such as “custom web shooter-based technology from Hank Pym, SHIELD, Stark Industries, and more”.

When it comes to looks, Spider-Man will be influenced by the work of both John Romita Sr. And Steve Ditko so there is a possibility of Spider-Man being new but familiar at the same time. The blog stated that, “Steve Ditko set the standard with his Spider-Man design, and John Romita Sr. evolved it into an icon recognized the world over”. The character would also have multiple costumes like the rest of the heroes.

At the end of the blog, Adams stated that Spider-Man would be released to the gaming world with “an in-game event” comprised of “a series of unique challenges for the hero to take on”. These series of events would test his abilities and “introduce him to the wider world of Marvel’s Avengers”.


Fans owning PlayStations are rejoicing following the news of Spider-Man's addition to Marvel’s Avengers, but the disappointment of PC and Xbox users cannot be ignored. Spider-Man is the second post-launch character added to the game, but the first one made exclusive to one console.