Stranded Deep – Survival of the Fittest

By Sohrab Khan 08 May, 20

Wow! The lockdown could not get any prettier than this. Yes, I was exhausted, struggling to go through the hours every day, knowing not what to do or what to play except a casual bout of COD Warzone, and maybe a little bit of Mad Max. Finally, PlayStation released a trailer of a brand new game, and that has every bit of the action I was hoping to experience. Without further ado, let’s dive into Stranded Deep. 

If you are someone like me, the chances are that you are a fan of survival games. Plane crashes, you end up on an island that is either surrounded by cannibals or worse, you are all on your own. With limited to no supply of food, water, and energy, you break out your survival instincts and start wreaking havoc by chopping down on trees, setting up camp, and even killing a few wildlife to make a healthy snack to fill that belly of yours. Sounds a lot like The Forest, right? 


Well, Stranded Deep is almost the same thing, following the same sequence. A plane journey gone wrong, and you crash. However, this is where everything changes. Instead of landing on an island, you find yourself deep within the dark blue waters of the ocean. By finding an emergency inflatable raft, you quickly start paddling your way to the nearest small island on the horizon. 


Stranded Deep is looking like a promising game. The graphics are incredible, the frame rate seems smooth, and the survival element is quite literally the highlight of the day. Instead of enemies, you are stuck fighting for dear life against reptiles, birds, sharks, and more. It is quite literally man against nature. You create your shelters, find food, and start utilizing bits, and pieces washed ashore from the plane to craft boats, gliders, and more. 


The game is available right now to download. It is up for grabs for a miser $19.99, which is exactly the same as The Forest. 

Between the two, it is quite hard to pick. To be honest, I am yet to get my hands on this new game. How it turns out to be, I will surely be streaming the same and posting a review here for your pleasure. In my opinion though, this looks promising. If you are a fan of the survival genre, grab your copy today. Need funds within your wallet? Well, look no further. Game List offers incredible prices, so be sure to get yours today!