Summoners War: Sky Arena Crossover with Street Fighter V: Champion’s Addition

By Wajeeh Uddin 02 Sep, 20

Summoners War: Sky Arena, a Com2uS mobile game, has recently revealed a crossover with Capcom’s fighting game Street Fighter V: Champion’s Addition in Gamescom 2020. The crossover trailer for Gamescom 2020 that featured this reveal was released on 30th August on YouTube. 


Fighting games have always been crossing over with other mobile or console games, so it’s not that unusual to see multiple characters from Street Fighter V being added to Summoners War: Sky Arena, especially since both these games are extremely famous in their particular categories. 

Developers Com2uS had previously shared a teaser image on the Facebook page of Summoners War which showed the silhouettes of the five characters being added from Street Fighter V and fans had made guesses as to which characters they were. The five characters being added include Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim. Each character’s appearance and special moves have likewise been designed to fit the mobile game. This addition has been made into the mobile game starting from 31st August 2020. The plus point is, Ken is being offered as a free bonus to anyone who plays in the event between August 31st and November 1st.

What’s new is that in Summoner’s War, the characters are referred to as “monsters” and it’s going to be very interesting to see these new characters from Street Fighter V being referred to as the same. Furthermore, when the event is active, a collaboration dungeon, “Fighter’s Dimensional Rifts” is going to appear randomly in the game scenarios. Clearing these rifts will reward the players with Fighter’s Seals, which can be used in the event page to purchase new and unique rewards.

The new “monsters” can be unlocked by summoning them using the Street Fighter V scrolls. These scrolls can be obtained by defeating the “special collaboration monsters” on the 50th floor of the Trial of Ascension where instead of the usual Mystical Scrolls as a reward of clearing the rifts, players will receive these limited Summoning Scrolls along with the Fighter’s Seals. All collaboration characters can be unlocked during the game, except Ken, which can be obtained for free before November 1st by collecting 2,000 event points.

Event points can be obtained by three methods:
1) by spending energy, which would give 1 point per energy spent,
2) by using arena invitation tickets, which would give 3 points per ticket, and
3) by using dimension hole energy which would give 5 points each. 

A bonus 150 points can be collected for every collaboration character summoned using the Street Fighter V scrolls. A maximum of 500 points can be collected per day. Important prizes can be received by collecting more points while unlocking Ken which can lead to a final prize if 5,000 points are collected at the end of the event. Also, after Ken is unlocked, access to new event missions will be given to the players which will allow them to farm materials that will be used to power him and upgrade his skills.

So, keep an eye out for the Fighter’s Dimensional Rifts and other event scenarios throughout the months of September and October if you want to unlock everything that is going to be present in the Summoners War x Street Fighter crossover event!