The "DualSense" and everything we know about it!

By Wajeeh Uddin 08 Apr, 20

Sony just announced the all-new PS5 controller and how it is going to look, and it has all of the fans going crazy with excitement. The DualSense wireless controller includes exciting new features, details of which follow, but just first, let's admire this beauty. 


This is the first look released by Sony as they begin the journey of building their audience for the all-new Sony PS5 set to release in Holiday 2020.

Now, if I may remind you all, the PS4 when launched in 2013, gathered a lot of positive responses from everyone as it was a major shift from PS3 controllers in terms of display and comfort along with the cool share button.

With the PS5 controller, Sony went the extra mile and really tried to satisfy its customers a level ahead. Keeping the originality and comfort of the controller intact, Sony focused on enhancing the experience of gamers by adopting the haptic feedback feature. Now, this new feature promises an array of new sensations to the gamers. This includes the feel of the slow grittiness of a car drifting through the mud in the rain. The PS5’s tempest 3D audio tech is another fancy feature that would be luring in more people towards the console. 

The DualSense wireless controller also includes adaptive triggers; this ensures that the L2 and R2 buttons can give you a better feeling towards the game, and you really feel the reaction of your actions in the game.

While building on with the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback Sony tweaked and rendered a little bit of its controller design, as you can see. The controller looks a little bit broader. This is because it was carefully made more lightweight and also has a better grip than dualshock4. Along with this, it includes stronger batteries with a recharge option. Which ultimately makes the DualSense just a little too good to be true.

If you go in looking with more concentration you would notice that there is no Share button in the controller, it was a little worrisome matter for a few of the gamers however Sony relieved its people by announcing that they are all set to introduce the Create button, just like the Share button the Create button will be a pioneering feature by Sony with DualSense. The details, however, with the Create button are yet to come out by Sony. 

Furthermore, the DualSense also includes a built-in microphone array on its bottom; this will allow gamers to indulge in a conversation with their peers without needing a headset, of course, only for quick and shorter conversations.

Now we can’t help but notice that the light bar is not on the top edge of the controller, but a strip of it is added on the periphery of the dorsal region of the controller. Well, in my opinion, it gives it a more terminator-ish look and makes it fancier.
If we talk about fancy looks, we need to address the elephant in the room, the color of the controller. Until now we only know that the base model only has a two-tone color, but we do hope to see more of it to come out once the PS5 is released. This, too, however, gives an excellent look to the DualSense and is very different.

Sony in their blog mentioned that how they tested the beta versions of DualSense on different gamers and focused a lot on the ergonomics of the controller as they truly believed in developing the controller so much as an extension of ourselves (the gamers) that we feel as if we aren’t even holding the controller but totally involved in the game by our hands. We believe that the DualSense will truly be a game-changer once it’s out with the all-new Sony PS5!