The DualShock 5 and PS5 devkit images leaked by a cleaner

By Wajeeh Uddin 08 Jan, 20

So a cleaner at Sony’s developers' office just shared a tweet for the cleaning of the prototype of the PS5 controller along with the devkit, and this has hit the fans like a storm.

Post by the cleaner who leaked the images

This is the first of many PS5 devkit images which have surfaced in the last few months, and although that V-Shaped model should by no means be taken as an assurance that this is how the console would look like because these devices are mostly used for in-house development purposes by a number of select studios. 
 And from this, we can also conclude that the pad might also be an early prototype model of the Dualshock 5 only and hence the actual PS5 controller might look much different.

Just a few days back, Sony had patented the new design for its Ps5 controller. The latest patent shows a controller very close in design to the PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller having a pair of additional buttons at the bottom.

 Last week Sony also revealed an additional $30 attachment for the PS4 controllers that adds a pair of programmable buttons on the rear of the DualShock 4, and it's likely that this new controller offers the same functionality as a built-in feature.

Furthermore, the latest design shows a USB Micro-B charger that matches the existing DualShock 4, not much is confirmed at this point but fans believe that this may be because the PS5 controller would work on the PS4 too. Long shot but hopeful.

 Sony previously confirmed that the PlayStation 5 controller uses a USB-C charging port.
NEw DS4 add-on

Sony says the PS5’s haptic feedback controls will offer more sophisticated "rumble" effects than the previous PS4 controller. The Game designers will hence be able to adjust the sensitivity of the haptic motors and the controller's triggers to match the action in-game as per their desires, so the feeling of firing different guns or handling the wheel of a car will feel distinguished.

Sony's latest controller patent suggests that the PS5 controller might be a little more expensive version of the DualShock 4 which is actually built to compete with Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller series. The Xbox elite controllers offer a premium build with customizable paddle buttons, a rubberized grip, and analog sticks with adjustable tension for their fans.
Leaked image of PS5 devkit

If we address the elephant in the room and discuss how genuine this leak might be, It's difficult to confirm however it does corroborate with what we've seen from previous photographs of the devkit, and who can shoot down that included an image of its whistleblower wiping the devkit with a rag? The image of the PS5 controller as well have  many similarities to the patented design from Sony so we are also very much intrigued about this news.

The release date for the PS5 of the holiday 2020 is closer than ever after entering the New Year, and so is the Xbox series X release. For now, we all can just wait for official releases from Sony however we do agree with our fans that it has been trickily slow on Sony’s end if we discuss the whole sequence of news releases.