The Outer Worlds: one of the best RPGs of 2019?

By Ali Shirazi 23 Oct, 19

Image source: Polygon

The Outer Worlds is pitched by Obsidian Entertainment as a spiritual successor to its 2010 release, Fallout: New Vegas and promises a vast open-world, deep role-playing systems, and bloody, fast-paced FPS gameplay. The game might also help abate the Fallout fan-base, left dissatisfied due to Bethesda’s recent shift to online play with Fallout 76. The anticipated role-playing game features a space-faring setting and a knack for comedy, as illustrated in the amusingly eccentric launch trailer, but what’s most interesting of all is how it shows the level of choice that players have. 

Indeed, If certain choices in the game are really as significant as to veer the moral character of the main protagonist from a hero to a villain, then the Outer Worlds might prove to be a quite unique and transformative experience, especially for gamers who have grown used to the ‘illusion of choice’, often implemented to increase the attractiveness of the game. If successfully implemented, this feature could appreciatively cement the success of this game. Forcing characters to face the consequences of their actions is a relatively limited feature in games, and part of the enjoyment is seeing how the world of the game reacts to your bad decisions, which sometimes become more memorable than your good ones.

Image source: Polygon

The Outer Worlds is visually rich and vibrant. The environments are reminiscent of No Man’s Sky, with deep saturated shadows and large flora and fauna due to terraformation went wrong. The weather looks and feels very natural, and adds to the alien and untamed feeling of the world. 

The Outer Worlds features a silent protagonist and dialogue trees that will be familiar to any RPG fan. Corporations have colonized and branded the furthest reaches of space. It’s a terrifying look at a dystopian future that may come to pass. For some, though, The Outer Worlds is also about the past. Many fans have waited a long time to play another Obsidian RPG with the same impressive 3D world, bleak humor, and emphasis on freedom of choice as the beloved Fallout: New Vegas.

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The Outer Worlds - Official Launch Trailer

Those looking to pick the game up at launch, however, will want to prepare themselves for a sizeable day one patch, specifically 18gb on PS4 and 32gb on Xbox. The Outer Worlds will be launching on all current-gen platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game will also be getting a Nintendo Switch release, but a release date for that platform hasn’t been announced yet. Its launch is right around the corner, on the 25th of October to be specific.

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