Valve is getting sued once again!

By Rafay Faheem 03 Feb, 21

That's right. This time for abusing Steam to keep PC Game prices high.
It’s comical that we’re hearing about another Lawsuit against Valve since they’ve been getting a lot of legal heat since the past few months. The last time Valve got sued was not even a month ago when the European Union (and a bunch of other countries) took legal action against the American Video Game Giant for region-locking their prices for games on Steam. The current lawsuit has been filed because Valve has reportedly forced developers to keep the price of their game on other platforms the same as Steam, which is making it difficult for other platforms to compete with Steam.


The lawsuit states that Valve’s MFN (Most Favoured Nations) Clause in the Steam Distribution Agreement forces developers to price their games the same as what they would price them on different platforms. The basis for the lawsuit is that Valve is abusing this clause to gain an unfair advantage over competing for online stores such as Epic Games, Microsoft Store and GOG. Another focus point for the lawsuit is that Valve is actively hindering any growth or innovation within the industry by introducing a barrier of entry. Any new and upcoming store will have to compete with already established giants that tend to rely on anti-consumer practices because of their monopolies over an industry. In a situation like this, a new lesser-tier competitor results in the consumers getting better deals and forcing the established competition to constantly be on their toes to be attractive to their audience.
The lawsuit aims to create better conditions for developers and consumers alike and to make sure that giant monopolies such as Valve do not abuse their community further than they already supposedly have. This is in cue with a flurry of cases that have been lodged against Valve in the past few months, including one where they were accused of stealing a patent for a controller designed for their Steam Controller. For all updates on everything gaming, stay tuned for more!