WWE 2K20 is a glitch-fest and people are losing it!

By Sairam Hussain Miran 23 Oct, 19

Image source: HITC

#FixWWE2K20 is trending worldwide, and for all the wrong reasons. In a large public outcry online, the latest edition of the sports entertainment game WWE 2K20 has been revealed to be nothing but a game that has become unplayable because of its extensive bugs and crashes.

Twitter is currently overflowing with people posting their personal experiences with the game.

For many, the game has clearly been plagued with bizarre bugs such as repetitiveness and unusual actions by characters, as seen above. 

However, that is not even the worst or the most common problem. One thing that all players are sharing equally is the ridiculous downgrade in graphics and quality. One would not believe that the game is being played in a latest-gen console rather than an Xbox 360 or PS3. The graphics look far worse than last year’s WWE 2k19. That indicates a clear technical or systemic issue in the game.

Some characters have been damaged to the extent that they are not recognizable anymore! Seriously, it must have taken a lot of effort to release such a massive blunder of a game into the market.

Moreover, older players who have been following the game complained of a couple of smaller glitches seen before the game released, and were promised that all issues would be fixed with a day one patch. However, that day one patch has still not arrived for most players, and for those that have reportedly gotten one, it has still not fixed their game in any way. 

From stuck loading screens to potato-like graphics, 2K has surely gone wrong with WWE 2K20.

On a slightly less pressing note, some customers who spent $129.99 on ‘’SmackDown! 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition’’ were supposed to get Legends’ Autographs as one of the perks, but found that they were missing the signatures. Interestingly though, this issue was promptly addressed both by Edge, the signatory wrestler and by 2K.

That said, even after #FIXWWE2K20 trends worldwide on Twitter and Reddit, the company has still surprisingly failed to put out any proper formal statement to put their customers at ease. This remains a disturbing fact for people who have put their money into the game, and feel like the least 2K owes to them is a statement explaining the situation. 

2K is putting itself at major risk by delaying their response time for an issue such widespread as this. They were last heard from about 24 hours before the glitches prevailed worldwide when responding to the Legends Autograph issue. With the company now in complete turmoil and a shattered image, they will have to pull off a miracle to recover from this. Is this where it ends for the WWE 2K franchise, which was already in decline?