Xbox Series S and Series X Price and Launch Date Revealed

By Rafay Faheem 10 Sep, 20

The day Xbox fans have been waiting for has come, as Microsoft have revealed the prices and launch dates for their next-gen lineup of consoles: the budget-friendly Xbox Series S and the flagship Xbox Series X.

Both the consoles come equipped with powerful GPUs and SSDs that are marketed to deliver unparalleled visual fidelity and performance for the price points. Microsoft claims that the Series S is virtually the same console as the Series X with the one exception being a slightly weaker GPU unit in the Series S. This became the norm last generation when they introduced the Xbox One S and the One X, as two consoles for separate target audiences.

The Series S has been promised to run games at a whopping 1440p resolution with frame rate going up to 120fps. The console will be digital-only and will not have a blu-ray option. It was known that the Series S would be significantly less powerful than the Series X but the specs seem to put it quite comfortably at a reasonable option for gamers in the market for a cheaper solution for next-gen. What’s unique about the Series S is that it is the “smallest Xbox” to date, which is quite impressive in regards to thermal performance (we’ll have to wait for benchmarks to see how well it does). It also only consists of a 512GB SSD but can be expanded upon using Xbox memory expansion cards. The console will retail for 299$ and will be available for purchase starting November 10.


The Series X, on the other hand, will retail for 499$ and sets the baseline for native 4k games running at smooth 60fps. The specs for the One X were revealed quite a while ago so we already had a good look at the hardware side of things. The Xbox Series X will also ship starting November 10, alongside the Series S.
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