Xbox Series X vs PS5: Differences explained

By Rafay Faheem 19 Mar, 20

The next generation of consoles is finally upon us. Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 have their hardware details out in the wild for us to discuss. Microsoft and Sony have revealed technical details about their next generation of consoles, and there’s a lot of talk floating around about Teraflops and SSDs, but what exactly does this mean for the average gamer who’s looking for to the next generation of gaming consoles?

We’ll be declassifying what all the numbers mean for regular gamers who don’t really care about the hardware that goes into these consoles. 

SSDs this time around: No loading screens

Both blue and green sides have decided to go with super fast SSDs for the next-gen. This wasn’t really a surprise as hard drives have been outdated for gaming purposes since quite a while. The PS5 is set to have a 825gb SSD internal storage that’s customised for super fast load speeds and seamless game switching (as touted by Sony’s Mark Cerny). Xbox Series X will have a 1TB custom SSD that will also deliver almost-no load times for games and multitasking with multiple games running in the background. The next-generation of console gamers will not have to worry about load times at all, it seems!

The GPUs are very beefy: 4K60 and 120fps are definitely in the equation

Both the Series X and PS5 have greatly improved GPUs than the last generation, but this time around, the PS5 seems to be weaker (although how significantly, we don’t yet know) than the Series X. Both consoles promise 60fps at native 4k for games, but the Series X is also confirmed to play games at 120fps (resolution was not specified). I’m sure we’ll see a lot of current-gen titles being able to take advantage of the advanced hardware of the Series X, so 1080p at 120fps is definitely in the equation. The PS5 is only slightly weaker in the GPU department (10.24 Teraflops vs. the Series X 12 Teraflops), so it will most likely deliver equivalent performance. 

Which one’s better?

In terms of which console is better, the question will always remain as to what exclusives are there for both. It all comes down to the games that can attract the biggest player base and personal preference. Microsoft understood that this generation by doing little-to-no modifications to their controller, which is a fan favourite. Sony, on the other hand, is known to have powerhouse exclusives such as The Last of Us 2, God of War franchise, and the PS4 Spiderman game. As of yet, we can’t decide which of these two consoles will pull ahead this generation but it’s surely an exciting time for gamers regardless of which side you choose.
Which console are you thinking about getting, the PS5 or the Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more important updates regarding both as soon as they’re  available.