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Gamelist Features

GameList helps you play the games you like. Plain and simple. We make everything to help you do that. Giving you one stop place for you gaming needs. Our core feature is to give you birds eye view of your and your friends' game lists. Which gives you an overview as to which of your friends has that game you wish to play and think that you can borrow from them. It lets you share information with ease and stay on top.

Gamelist Listings

The core feature of GameList.club is lists. Maintaining your lists give you and your friends access to the most vital information. Following are the lists GameLists.club allows you to maintain:


Likes on Game/Activity


Adding Games in Wishlist


Marking any game as Playing status


Marking any game as Played status


Any Game if you have Owned, mark owned.


If you want to sell game ? mark selling.


if you had borrowed from anyone ? mark borrowed.


if you had lented from anyone ? mark lent.

Updates From Friends

Get updates from your friends on your dashboard about what they're doing. Stay in the loop. Exchange games according to each others' needs. Buy games together. Why should you pay the full-price of a game when you can share it with your friends?

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Geolocation Aware Information

Just imagine how great would it be to visualize the nearby games of your interest in a map. Gamelist provides you just that.

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