InVasion Lounge

INVASION ::: "THE VIRTUAL REALITY LOUNGE" INVASION, for the first time in Pakistan, introduced as never before, an exclusive atmosphere for Online multiplayer gaming, Sports screening and Café. A place where you can get the next generation virtual reality [VR] gaming experience with PlayStation-VR. A setup where you will find your favorite consoles arranged and ready for play with a wide variety of games of your own choice! INVASION offers a good range of PS4, Xbox, 20 high performance Gaming desktops custom built for E-sports and PC games. Online Gaming PC's to be played on a LAN network with PS4 & 6 Xbox, an opportunity never before found in Pakistan on such a scale! With the most elegant environment, fully equipped with industrial level generator and back-up UPS system, causing it to be fool proof to load shedding and power failures. On top of all that, apart from LAN you can also connect to the Internet to play globally. Wifi is also provided for you to log in to the Internet, along with a food bar which offers variety of eatables & Drinks! With a never before gaming experience, top of the line quality, introduction of innovative gaming accessories, INVASION is the next generation network gaming, and you don’t want to miss it !!!

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InVasion Lounge (297 C-1, PIA Main Boulevard, Block C Pia Housing Scheme, Lahore, Punjab 54770, Pakistan)

(042) 35212824

Lahore, Pakistan