Donkey Kong

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First Released: 14 Jun, 94

Donkey Kong is a Game Boy game who starts out with the premise of being a straight remake of the original Donkey Kong arcade game. Although at first it appears to be just a port, the familiar levels from the arcade game are just a prelude to the real platform jumping adventure. There are 96 levels spread out over 12 worlds. These levels are much more complex than the originals, featuring scrolling backgrounds, numerous objects to collect, and enemies to avoid. Along the way, you will encounter several boss style battles with Donkey Kong, as well.
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Storyline: The large ape Donkey Kong kidnaps Mario's lady friend Pauline and carries her off to a construction site. In a repeat of the 1981 arcade classic, Mario follows him up to the highest point and makes Donkey Kong fall off the platforms by pulling out the rivets supporting them, causing Donkey Kong to fall a height of 100m, reuniting Mario and Pauline, just like the events that took place 13 years ago. However, Donkey Kong unexpectedly recovers, takes Pauline, and escapes with her into the Big-City. Mario pursues the two.