Final Fantasy: 20th Anniversary Edition

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First Released: 07 Jun, 07

This is an enhanced version version of the original Final Fantasy, with higher resolution 2D graphics now in 16:9, FMV sequences, a re-recorded higher quality soundtrack, along with all the new dungeons and revised script from the Dawn of Souls Gameboy Advance port that came before it. As a bonus, it also includes art galleries of Yoshitaka Amano's illustrations.
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Storyline: "And so their journey began. The four Warriors of Light felt overwhelmed by the great task destiny had placed upon them. They did not know the true significance of the four crystals they held in their hands... The crystal that once, long ago, shone with a light so brilliant. The time for their journey had come. The time to cast off the veil of darkness and bring the world once more into the light..." The four Warriors of Light appear, each carrying a darkened crystal, one of each element. They arrive at Cornelia, a powerful kingdom that has witnessed the kidnapping of its princess, Sarah, by a rogue knight named Garland who wants to conquer the kingdom. Tasked with rescuing the princess, the Warriors set out for the Chaos Shrine - a temple of fiends - to confront Garland. And their journey begins.